Top 5 reads for personal growth 


When I started reading, self-help and development books were not my genre. I felt that books can’t tell me how to lead a good life. It’s all about how I choose to grow.  But as time went by, I began to disagree with my former self on this point as I realised that these books don’t just teach about life, but also inspires one to be the bring out the best from within. 


Not all books based on development and personal growth are the same. While some books choose to inspire, other might share a story to motivate you. One will help your start your journey and other will help you find your destination. 


There are times when we can feel stagnant or uninspired and right words can help us find our purpose and meaning as they guides us in the right direction. 


Let’s dive into some of the best books which can help us bring a positive change in our life;

  •  Eat that Frog! By Brain Tracy


There are times when you have a big task at hand and you don’t know where to start. You are overwhelmed even before you begin and so you keep pushing the work away till the time comes when you can delay no more and you find yourself in the same position as before. Clueless, not knowing where to start and at the same time you have lost the precious hours too. 

In this book, Tracy has talked about how we can break a big task into smaller and doable ones and set our priorities straight and if we should tackle big task first or start out with something else. 

  • Who moved my Cheese? By Spenser Johnson


A classic book which I think everyone should read at least once. This book in a simple parable tells us about how one should adapt to changes and embrace upheaval in one’s life as positive factor. It talks about how by changing ones mindset, the changes in one’s life can become more rewarding and less frightening and how you can overcome your fears and work towards realizing your goals and dreams.

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


This book is a modern classic read about a shepherd who is out on his quest to attain his dreams.  This international bestseller book talks about personal growth and self-discovery while one is in the pursuit of dreams, goals and your happiness. 

  • Who will cry when you die? Robin Sharma


From the author of a popular book “The monk who sold his Ferrari” comes another book which teaches us to live our life such that when we depart from the world, we have people who will think of us in a positive way and cry for us while we rejoice. This book will bring you on right track of handling relations and managing time. Flip to any chapter and you will find something helpful in it. 

  • Ikigai: The Japanese secret to long a and happy life by Hector Garcia


This book needs no introduction. As soon as it was released, it took the readers by storm. Ikigai unlocks secrets on how to simplify life and shares recipes for happiness. The books delves into the Japanese perspective of living a good life without being caught in the worldly urgencies and finding our own purpose by identifying our passion and mission. 


As you navigate through the list, you will see that not all books are the same. These 5 books tap different areas of self-development and growth. But no book can dramatically change your life. It’s one thing to read a book and entirely different thing to put the learnings into action. So if you want to revamp your life for good, you need to implement what you read. 



Hansa Kajaria