Who knew decoding Instagram handles of top creators could be so useful? But apparently, it is. Dig deep into influencer and content creator accounts you love, and there is much to learn. From Sakshi Sindwani, we got clued up that it pays to be vocal about local brands. From Masoom Minawala Mehta, the takeaway was to find your personal style and stick to it even if it is flaunting Indian wear in the western world. 

From Bruised Passports, the tip was how to make a sponsored posts look organic. From Siddharth Batra, we were inspired to go against heteronormative rules.

Diving Deep Into Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram For Tips and Tricks

The next handle we break down is different from the usual niches we explore – a comedian with his very own Amazon Prime Video special, Karunesh TalwarIf you’re a budding stand-up comedian, these content tips from Karunesh’s Instagram account will help you be a better content creator. 

  1. Small creators have a hard time connecting their style, tone, and voice to a brand or product. That’s why a sponsored post often stands out like a sore thumb. 

Karunesh has mastered the art of combining the two. Even when he is collaborating with brands, his content remains the same. He is just as bold, blunt and full of laughter, which makes the #paidpost interesting and therefore engaging. 

A perfect example is his post for DaMENSCH with the caption, “Yes, you heard me right. These #DeoSoft trunks from DaMENSCH feel like business class for your balls.”

Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram

   2. The next tip from Karunesh’s Instagram handle is a crucial one, particularly since ASCI changed the guidelines for influencers. Every partnership or paid post on his account is accompanied by a clear declaration that it is an #ad

You’d either see a “Paid partnership with…” or a sponsored post hashtag. This transparency is vital if you want your followers to trust you. So, be like Karunesh, be a responsible content creator. 

Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram

     3. The lack of disclosure when an ad is an ad doesn’t simply abuse the trust your community places in you. It also makes them confused when a post is not paid but appears so. That often hurts your engagement rate.

That’s the third lesson from Karunesh Talwar. When he is posting something he was not compensated for but may seem sponsored, he clarifies with a #notanad. Like when he published an IGTV about macarons from Le15 India

Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram

     4. A common thread that runs through the Instagram handles of top creators is life updates. In between regular posts and paid posts,  they talk about their real lives. Karunesh is no different. From shifting to Goa from Bombay to recovering from COVID-19 to his weight loss journey, he peppers his feed with what is going on in his life.

How does it help?

These updates allow your followers to get to know you better, which builds deeper and more meaningful connections. And that impacts your engagement.

     5. We leave you with content tips for aspiring comedians from Karunesh Talwar, taken from a few of his interviews:

  • Be inspired and influenced by other comics but bring originality to them. 
  • Develop an act. Don’t simply publish content on YouTube just for the sake of popularity. That’s a short-sighted approach.
  • Delayed gratification brings more success. Instead of instantly putting out a funny thought, work on it for 6 months to 1 year.
  • Respect your audience, be authentic, and write and perform as much as you can.”

There you have it, folks: content tips from Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram.

Now, go forth and apply them!

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