Instagram filters surely have been adding colours to life during pandemic. It’s hard to imagine a self-portrait without a little tweak from the gorgeous gallery of filters available now. But you might often get confused with so many options. You may end up being stuck in the constant loop of jumping from one filter to another with little or no luck at finding the perfect one. 


So here we are with the list of 7 filters that you must try to enhance the aesthetics of your Instagram self-portrait pictures: 


  • Vanilla by @berts.romero

Are you a fan of old school portraits and dimly lighted pictures? If the answer is yes, then you will love Vanilla by @berts.romero. It adds exposure at the right spots and makes your self-portraits look smooth. Your followers might think you actually took a picture from an old camera. 

  • Light Streak by

Simple and casual self-portraits having ultra-fine backgrounds get a whole new makeover with this filter. It adds grain and a hint of sunlight to the pictures along with two streaks of light. On top of that, it squares out the pictures to focus only on the part you want to highlight. 

  • Breeze by @carmushka 

Looking for subtle and muted vibes? This filter by @carmushka, a German fashion influencer, boosts the contrast but hides the exposure. It makes your self-portraits look cool and breezy. Landscape clicks get a whole new aura with this filter. 

  • Bahamas by @bryant

If you are missing that tropical glow on your skin then Bahamas by @bryant is meant for you. It is tailor-made for adding golden touch and brightening your skin with subtle sunny light. Use this filter and fulfil your dreams of getting a beachside self-portrait. 

  • Retro Film by @yanka.onuchina

Get those old school vibrance with this Retro Film filter. It perfectly lives up to its name. Your pictures will look like a vintage photo with a slight classic filmy touch. 

  • Hey Darling by @henrysdiary

This filter is all about cosy vibes and subtle undertones. It enhances your facial features by adding shadows. Also, your surroundings get a warm touch. Hey Darling filter adds dreamy and fuzzy feelings to your self-portraits. 

  • Hygge Present One by

If you want to dazzle like royalty, use Hygge Present One. This filter puts extra shine and sparkle around self-portraits. It is perfect for mirror selfies and makeup looks. 

A lot more filters are available in the Instagram gallery that you can experiment with. But these 7 are the best of the best, especially for self-portraits. So try them out now and add extra glare to your pictures.