28th July is celebrated as World Environment Conservation Day and on this day why not upcycle used containers, cardboard boxes or cans for other purposes instead of throwing them away with these DIY ideas to reuse household #thngs.

DIY ideas to reuse household garbage that don’t cost a thng!

A lot of household waste is generated from our daily routine that could be easily reused for something else. It not only saves money but also gives you a canvas for creativity. Plus saves the planet from unnecessary waste! 

1. Paint Tub As A Plant Pot

DIY ideas to reuse cans

Credit: Pinterest

Recently renovated your house and left with a lot of paint tubs? Reuse them to renovate your garden as well. Make a hole at the bottom of the tub, fill it up with hummus, and plant your favourite flower or herb in it. You can paint the tub with various colors to add brightness to your garden.

2. Shoe Box As A Storage Unit 

DIY-ideas-to-reuse-show-boxeAs soon as we reach home, our cute footwears leave the box and enter into the shoe rack. So why not upcycle those cardboard boxes for storing office supplies or craft stuff! Decorate them with pretty gift wrapping papers, acrylic painting, doodle or anything you like and get a beautiful personalized storage unit without spending another penny. 

3. Reuse Food Containers

Next time you order food online, don’t throw away the containers after finishing off the meal. Just wash and dry them in sunlight to get rid of the smell. And that’s it! Plastic food containers are ready to be reused for storing open packet chips, roasted dry fruits, or literally any other home-made snack. They are as good as any other air-tight container. 

Need more DIY ideas to reuse food containers, we found this blog a fantastic source.

4. Mason Jar As A Serving Glass

diy ideas to reuse jars

Sure, traditional glass cups are cool but don’t you think it’s time to experiment! Surprise your guests by serving drinks like shakes and mojitos in really cool mason jars. They are in trend and look so stylish. You can also give mason jars a makeover by putting some glitter or sparkle on them. 

5. Tin Can As A Pen Holder

diy idea for penholders

Bored from your old office desk? Looking for DIY ideas to redecorate it? Reuse tin cans by decorating them with colourful wrapping papers, washi tapes or shiny pages of old magazines and put all your pencils, pens, sketch pens, etc in it. You will not just have an organized work desk but also a beautiful holder. Or use paper cups and glass jars and repurpose them as vases and holders

So next time you see a plastic container or a cardboard box, don’t throw it away. Upcycle it and adapt to a more sustainable living with these DIY ideas to reuse and repurpose!

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