Building an effective and efficient Brand value for oneself as a content creator is the most important strategy that should be adopted. But this is not going to be easy. As a creator, you have to present what your audience likes and at the same time keep it trendy and you don’t want to skip any one of these while creating your content. So how do you create content that can get your audience’s attention and help you build an empire out of it?


We all know that there is no end to what a creator can create for his/her social media audience to consume but making it plateable to your audience so that they like what you have served and invariably get brands knocking at your door for paid collaborations is the main goal of any creator. 


So now let’s see how in 4 easy steps, you can turn your audience into an Empire. 


  • Attention: All that a creator wants is to garner its audience attention and that can be done with trending music, save worthy information or funny videos. Once you have done that, you have attained their trust. So now it’s time to monetize by adding ad’s or brand clips in your content for example adding a brand commercial in-between your YouTube video. Basically, you are renting your audience’s time to the brand and getting paid for the same.

    But for this, you need to keep a tab on your insights, charts and growth. Is your audience engaging, commenting and is your follower base growing? This is again important because brands will collaborate and pay when they get enough audience views through your platform.


  • Trust: Once you have your audience hooked, they will start trusting your recommendations and suggestions which is very important especially when it’s a paid collaboration. Your aim is to churn your audience into a customer for the brand you are promoting. Here the monetization factor is in terms on trust and not money. This is time for you to get interactive with your audience and know them better. Collate data, reach out to them for research, details or any information you need or simply share your latest work with them. Here we can take an example of Masoom Minawalla Mehta, who has created an amazing brand name for herself that despite staying in Europe, she has Indian Brands approaching her for collaborations and ready to send PR packages across the globe because they know that the customer churning is going to be very good when the recommendation comes from her. 


  • Commerce: You have your audience on your page, website or channel and you know that they trust you. Now is the most crucial step, to make them buy what you are offering. It can be of a brand that you are promoting or your own product. Here your role is again to understand your audience. Are they accepting what you offer? Are they repeat buyers, thanks to your suggestions? Here we can take an example of Katrina Kaif, who launched and promoted her Kaybeauty Cosmetic range exponentially on her social media platform. She has a huge follower base and she used it to her own benefit while launching her product range. 


  • Goal: The last step on the ladder is the Goal. Your goal now is to make sure your audience is ready to add value to your recommendation by either buying it or sharing it with a wider audience which invariably will benefit you. Here you want your audience to invest their time and trust in you. Again if you are selling some product of your own, you would want your viewers to invest in it by buying it and sharing their reviews on their Social media platform. Again citing the example of Katrina Kaif, who promoted her products widely on her social media and her audience started buying it only because it comes from their favourite celebrity. 


Building a brand takes a lot of time, effort and strategy, making it a very intense process and the above 4 steps are a great way to build an image for oneself and entice the audience and make them your Empire.