When we started the M2S series, we had just realised that people make a company. After COVI-19 hit, this inherent truth was hammered in further. So, here’s us introducing you to another pivotal human behind Do Your Thng.

Getting To Know The People Of DYT: Shweta

We’re feeling a little jittery as we write this. In each of our M2S Series, humour and sarcasm fight for space in every line. We didn’t even spare our Founder

But how do you describe a person who is known to be funny with a gallon of sarcasm? There’s just no outdoing them. That’s Shweta for us. Our in-house stand-up comedian.

Feeling the vibe?

Moving right along, here are a few things about her to get you acquainted…

Her Official Designation

Very, very officially (not that it matters to us one whit), Shweta Bisht is the Senior Executive, Community and Partnerships.

FYI, those were fancy words for making cards*, cards and cards. Then helping anyone who doesn’t know how to make a card. 

*What’s a card? Use the app or we can put you in touch with Shweta.  

Her Unofficial & Much More Important Position

In reality, she’s our movie buff and Netflix guide. And for those of us at DYT who cling to the Millennial label by a thread, Shweta is also our ‘in’ to the anime world.

Her Monday Face

Every week begins with a why-why-is-it-Monday? She’d be smiling, but crying a river inside. And the audacity of hope never perishes in Shweta. One day Sunday would be more than just 24 hours. All she asks for is 2 additional hours. 

Her Saturday Face

She’d be still smiling at the end of the workweek. But with an internal litany of “Oh nice! Saturday – team meetings to sail through, and then I get to make some sassy videos for the world to see.

Did we not mention that she is a content creator? Our bad!

What’s Her Bread + Butter?

We’re not ashamed to admit it. We check our social media the minute we wake up. Shweta, on the other hand, checks DYT. The app is the one thing she can’t live or work without. 

Being the karta-dharta for all things campaign and collaboration related, DYT and Shweta are like two DNA strands: what God hath joined, no man can asunder.

What The Team Thinks About Her?

She is sweet. She is creative. She is hardworking and talented. She is the go-to person for the app. Barring the Tech team, she’s the one person who knows the A, B, C and Z of it. 

No, she really is helpful and the apple of everyone’s eye. 

Never says no, is always available and is quick to respond. That the response may be the wittiest comeback you’ve ever heard is a different thing. 

What The Team ‘Really’ Thinks About Her?

Now that we’ve painted a pretty Picasso of Shweta, go see this IGTV or this Reel

That snarky, savage humour? That’s the other Shweta. 

Yes. We were as gobsmacked as you. Where did this chota packet, bada dhamaka come from? Who is the garrulous person, full of sass and appeal? And why don’t we get to meet her more often!

What She Brings To Do Your Thng?

As Person 2 of DYT said, calm is what she brings to us. 

For someone who’s just starting her tweens, the kind of patience and serenity Shweta displays is exemplary. And for a creative person always brimming with campaign ideas that says a lot. Never is she flustered or anxious. 

Now only if we could learn this from her!

What DYT Brings To Her?

The right platform to channel her skills, some much-needed moolah and her ticket to living independently and travel the world!

And… a lot of bugs. As a power user of DYT, we know she’s found more bugs than everybody else put together. 

For Some More Down And Dirty On Shweta




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