Hey creators! Insta has got your back…

We live in a world where the lines between virtual and reality keep getting blurred from time to time. And as a creator, if you are not prepared to take advantage of that, I don’t know what you are waiting for.

Oh, wait. If you were waiting for some DYT tips, we got you.

Instagram updates: What, why and how

Instagram has constantly been updating its platform to make it not just user friendly but also business-friendly. That is good news for all the content creators who have been working hard to get their business more audience. Here are some of those updates that can blow your mind and, if used right, then also your content.

Collaboration tagging

Lack of transparency has been one of the reasons responsible for many backlashes that creators and social media platforms face.

And Instagram woke up and said, “NO MORE”.

In the Instagram team’s own words, its collaboration tagging tool “clearly communicates when a commercial relationship exists between a creator and a business.”

In short, creators would now enjoy transparency with their community and have joint accountability with their business partners. It would make a clear distinction between solo content and collaborations. This would also help give both the parties in a collaboration a chance to catch equal attention.

60 seconds reels

First, it was 15, then 30 and now 60 seconds…

Honestly, it couldn’t get more profitable than this for a creator.

Reels are a major when it comes to blowing up on Instagram. Reels alone have the power to gain more traction than both stories and feed combines. But the tricky part with Reels was to create engaging and interesting content that would fit the time restraint. With more time, content creators have more space to be creative.

But with more time comes more responsibility to be creative. Make sure the first few seconds of your reel makes the audience stay for 60 seconds.

Another inclusive feature that has been added is the caption transcribing sticker. Although it is just in English and will take a bit of time to get to all the countries, this feature helps those with hearing disabilities to read captions to understand the reel’s content. 

Instagram shopping

Have products to sell? Are they compatible with online shopping? No need to look anywhere else anymore. You can just set your shop on Instagram. No seriously! 

Instagram is updating itself from being just a place where businesses promote, now they want to be the umbrella under which businesses sell. It is accessible to all those who already have a shop on other platforms; you can set up a new account or connect the catalogue with Instagram.

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Adding GIFs to reels

We are past the “Is it giff or jiff” phase, right?

Thank God! 

If you are one of those who think that GIFs are just short video memes, well, I have got news for you. You are wrong on so many levels.

GIFs are wonderful marketing elements. They are short, to the point and crisp. Exactly what potential clients and audience want.

By adding this feature to the reels, the Instagram team has displayed their readiness to accept more creators and businesses.

In the right hands, GIFs can help showcase products in a new perspective; apart from that, they increase user experience, are easy to load. They are also easy to make. There are a lot of websites and software that can help you make a GIF at home.

So now that you have all the information at your disposal. Put it to good use. Remember, we are rooting for you.

Rock that virtual stage!