We meet so many influencers and public figures in our day to day life. On our phone. Obviously. 

Ever wondered what makes one different from the other. With so many public figures competing for our attention, it’s only fair that we break down some lessons that the popular ones give. Not directly. But their work (Instagram handle) speak louder than direct DMs.

Rahul Subramanian is a comedian with 547K followers at the time of writing this article, and here are some takeaways from his content

Use trends

Sometimes, it’s all about the fad. And it’s good. Social media was intended to be a virtual platform for people to socialize; not only with those they know in real-time but also with strangers (keeping safety in mind) from across the world.

This is why following the trends is a good idea. It helps you gain attention and also gives you a chance to collaborate.

Go through Rahul’s feed and you would find most of the trends which were popular in India making a presence in his feed. But here’s the catch, they might be a bit different from your expectations.

Your own style

Trends are mostly created by macro and micro-influencers. And when they create it, they are basically giving other creators permission to use their content, with due credits, to make more variations of the content. 

This means you can be as creative as possible. A few good examples would be Rahul’s take on the ‘Venom Challenge’ or make people think it’s a photo challenge. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously

As a comedian, the first thing you should learn is to laugh at yourself. But this can be applied in life as well! 

And also in content creation, even if you are not a comedian.

Your feed should reflect you but there is nothing wrong with letting your hair down and creating something funny once in a while. Especially when funny content is what works best.

Rahul trying the jawline challenge and is one prime example you should check out.

It doesn’t always have to be aesthetic

We are obsessed with aesthetic feed. It’s completely okay if we score a bit more on the actual content and a bit less on the visual of our feed. Unless your audience requirement says otherwise. 

Rahul’s feed is filled with colorful posts that may not be top-notch graphics or raw imagery, but they sure deliver the message home.

Your content depends on your creativity but it’s always a good idea to make a note of what and how someone else has done it.

In the end, let’s take these home:

Be original or be original with existing ideas

Don’t try to be perfect, no one is.

Have fun!