We’re not going to harp about why a content creator needs to visually plan their Instagram feed. You know why. We know why. Everyone one knows why. It hooks new followers. So, let’s get to the how.

4 simple steps to visually planning Instagram feed

Step 1: choose your aesthetic

Knowing your type of aesthetic and creating content around it can be exhausting but can be very rewarding. This is key because you are basically setting up a mood for your feed so that it is aesthetically pleasing when others view it.

If you want inspiration browse through other profiles or scroll through Pinterest. The platform can give you ideas on the aesthetic you prefer and provide you with a bunch of examples and tips.

A few examples for themes or aesthetic can be moody, color themed like pastels or dark colors, boho, tropical or even bright and calming. Anything that seems to reflect your personal brand and content will work just fine. Once you pick the feel you want to give your feed, create content that matches it. Like this:

Step 2: creating content and a grid layout

Like we talked about above, your content needs to revolve around your aesthetic or your theme. You need to make sure they align. Creating a grid layout helps you decide what content needs to be placed next to each other.

A grid layout is basically just how you position your content on your feed. It is also very important  because it helps in sticking to a consistent Instagram theme instead of having a chaotic mess on your feed that no ones find attractive enough to tap follow.

visually plan your instagram feed with grid layoutvisually plan your instagram feed with grid

Step 3: editing is key

In order to keep your aesthetic or theme consistent, it’s important to edit. It helps match your images, videos and Reels to the feed, giving it a consistent and visually pleasing look. Sticking to the same filters or editing techniques will make it easier for you to stay consistent to your aesthetic. It also helps bring in a sense of continuity amongst your posts.

Apps like Adobe Lightroom, VSCO and Snapseed are few of the editing apps that are considered to be a holy grail for most influencers/brands out there. Adobe Lightroom also allows you to save your editing techniques under Presets.

visually plan your instagram feed by editingvisually plan your instagram feed with editing apps

Step 4: plan and preview

Lastly, you need to make sure you plan and preview your feed before uploading any content. You need to make sure they look good when posted alongside each other and easy on the eyes for anyone who views your content. It should also be able to convey what your brand is all about.

We do recommend experimenting with different layouts so that it doesn’t become repetitive or boring. Try to create a balance between your posts when visually planning your Instagram feed. An example would be placing a quote on a plain background in between your two picture posts.

Use apps to visually plan your Instagram feed

Apps like Planoly and Preview can help you plan your feed by placing your content just like how would place them in your feed. They also help you with scheduling your posts and posting on your behalf. This helps content creators post on time and be consistent.