Does this happen to you too? A particular idea that seemed bang-on, on-point and on-firce  when brainstorming just fizzles into obscurity when you actually publish it. There is a reason for it. Content ideas are easy to come by. It is good content ideas that perform well, bring in engagement and enrichment that are hard to find. 

How do you know that good content ideas will also perform well? 

One, always, we repeat, always, create around topics you’re an expert in or have knowledge of. Two, be natural. Speak the way you generally speak. Write the way you typically talk. 

Follow these two steps, and half the battle is won. For the rest, ask these questions before you hit publish.

1. Will it engage the audience? 

If the answer to this question is yes, then the content idea is good. How do you know if the answer is yes? By getting to know your followers and which content type interests them.

Different people prefer different types of content. For instance, Gen Z may prefer Instagram Reels. Bite-sized, fun content that’s still informative. Millennials, on the other hand, may look for longer content that’s heavily researched and offers details. Like a long video or Guide.

Pick the wrong format, and the content will not reach the right audience, impacting your engagement rate. 

Tips to executing good content ideas

  • Create content in all formats. It’ll broaden your reach. Then make more of what got the most comments, shares, saves, and likes.
  • Research what type of content format is trending at the given moment.

2. Is it searchable?

Yes, social media platforms do a wonderful job of making content discoverable. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t capture search opportunities. 

Say you’ve created awesome content on a really trending and strong topic. However, you didn’t add the right hashtags. Or you made a kicka$$ reel but it only got 150 views because you didn’t add a trending audio!

How many people do you think will land on it? Definitely less than what a good hashtag would get you. 

Tips to make a good content idea more searchable:

3. How does it compare to your competitors?

We never condone plagiarism. When you like a creator’s work, reshare it with credits. Nevertheless, there are some popular topics on which everyone creates content. 

So, if your content idea is along those lines, assess how well it will perform compared to other creators. If it is average, then your audience will simply watch the content that is already performing well. Not yours.

Tips for making your content idea better than others

  • For the content to perform well and get those double hearts and bookmarks, the quality has to be nonpareil. Only then will it get a good amount of engagement.
  • Make sure it adds value to the audience. 

The takeaway on good content ideas

The three questions – is it engaging, is it searchable and how does it compare – are essential to judging how good a content idea is. 

That said, there are two more that guarantee better content engagement. One, is the idea trending? Two, is it shareable? The first will drive more traffic to your account. The second will lend it to virality.