“With my mind on my money

And my money on my mind.”

Snoop Dogg was definitely on to something with those lines.


Because you dear influencers are close to hitting the jackpot.

Influencer marketing is here to stay. Everyone likes to have a big sister or brother to take advice. Or love to hate a popular kid, not cool btw. 

Whatever the case may be, influencers are the advertisers for many brands that deal with a particular kind of audience.

And nothing in this world is free. In this case, it shouldn’t be free.

Paid partnerships have been around the content creation society for a while, but it was a bit selective. Now, it might be the only way for collaboration between brands and creators.

Here’s a breakdown of paid partnerships


Make sure that you fix an amount beforehand with the brand. The deliverables should be clear.

Ensure how your content would be used

When you create content for a brand, make it clear if there is a chance that they would use it as an advertisement. If yes, then set your payment accordingly.

Be careful of the collaborations

The content created by you adds your name, work and reputation to their product. This means it’s best to ensure that you don’t relate your name to something that could later bite. This is especially important considering that Instagram is now encouraging content creators, which gets you more recognition. 

How do I use the paid partnership tag?

It’s pretty easy. 

Click on the link icon in the story and click on the tag business partner option on the more options screen.

Before you publish your post, go to advance settings and tag your business partner for the feed.


Important points to keep in mind


  • You can tag your business partner in a post that has already been published, through the edit tool.
  • You can also do the same in a story, by clicking on the three dots and tapping on the tag business partner option.
  • Do not permit in the story and click business partners to promote before ensuring how the content would be used.
  • If they are planning to use it as an ad, they need your permission and you deserve separate payment.
  • If while tagging, a pop-up box says you need approval, don’t panic, let your business partner know.
  • Although it ain’t necessary, changing your account type to creators account makes a lot of things easier.
  • But if a business account is what you prefer, no one is stopping you.


Finally, what are you waiting for, get that money in your pockettttt… kaching kaching