Influencers and Photography: A never-ending love story

Influencers and Photography: A never-ending love story

  August 20, 2021



  August 20, 2021


Is your feed looking a bit dull? Are you out of content to post?

It’s time to create a red carpet moment! In our homes or neighbourhood, by ourselves… *cue sound of birds chirping.*

But it’s still a red carpet moment; after all, we are the stars of our worlds.  

So let’s pack the cameras. Doesn’t matter if you have a DSLR, phone camera or a point and shoot one; it all works. At the end of the day, our goal is to get some aesthetically beautiful pics.


If you are a pro or have a photographer friend, you might know these tips. But this is especially for those who are stepping out of their comfort zones. If you are wondering where to start, here is a direction for you:


Things to look out for

Avoid heavy editing
Unless you are going for a heavily edited or animated theme, avoid heavy editing as much as possible. If you think the click was unattractive and few tweaks can’t fix it, then go for another shot.


Find props
Props can elevate the feel of your pic a thousand folds more. Your props don’t have to be an elaborate umbrella. It could be anything simple that adds a character to the photograph or video. A flower, coffee mug, anything you have around you other than you is a prop. Set a mise-en-scene. 


The devil of photography. This is where a lot of people give up. Now now, don’t be discouraged. This may sound corny but make lighting your friend. By that we mean, experiment. Fair warning, you will get several ugly photos, but it will help you understand what lighting suits a mood and what doesn’t. And if you don’t have time, there’s always the #goldenhour and #bluehour (sunrise and sunset).

Avoid shooting cheery photos on cloudy days; unless you have good editing skills or a good idea of how to click.

And if nothing works, we always have artificial lighting. Consider the proximity and size of the source of light. Smaller and closer would create harsh shadows, while bigger and farther would make them soft. Take your pick.


Play with background
No one wants to see the same spot in your garage. Explore your neighbourhood (be safe!), get colourful sheets to cover your walls, even cardboards, anything and everything. Use your creativity, or ask for help. 

Even chipping walls can give a new life to the photographs.

Again pay attention to the proximity of the subject and the wall; there should be shadows.

Know your Camera
This can’t be said enough time, but seriously, learn what your camera can do, search it, read the manual, but find out. Many smartphones have in-built modes to help you get captivating shots, And the DSLRs have much more than the auto mode. Use the grid to understand the rule of thirds (look it up, it is IMPORTANT). And experiment with everything until you get what you want.


Don’t be overwhelmed
Take a break, ask for help and enjoy the process. You’ll make mistakes and hate what you have created, but that’s how you get to the endgame. Laugh at the weird shots, shrug it off and take another. All of this means nothing if you are not having fun.


A picture speaks a thousand words. Let those words be absolutely yours.  


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