Have we or have we screamed this question in anger? Or maybe sighed in frustration? There is no not. For every creator, there comes a point when you think, “why am I not growing on Instagram?”

There are dozens of reasons for it. 

You’re not using hashtags right.

Your captions are half-a$$ed.

You might be shadowbanned.

You don’t know your voice and tone.

Your content is not authentic.

You’re doing what you should not be doing on Instagram.

However, when you’ve checked all these boxes and find that the follower count is still stuck, there is just one reason left. Your content fails to add value to the audience. It has to bring something to the table. Only then will your community interact with it. 

So, how do you make sure your content has value? You follow these steps when brainstorming content ideas.

Hacks that keep you growing on Instagram

Give followers what they want

Every piece of content you post must have a purpose. Is it giving new information? Is it entertaining? Is it teaching something?

Never ever let creativity overshadow these objectives. Don’t publish a video because it’s well-made if it doesn’t add value to the viewer. Be ruthless with yourself. Chuck out all ideas that are merely creative. Keep those that help followers. 

How do you decide what helps followers?

The easiest way to determine whether your content offers value is to see if people are interested in the topic. Is someone going to search for how to delete Instagram? Well, obviously, some tech-challenged people might, but the majority won’t. 

As a result, if you publish a post on it, no new users will follow you. On the other hand, if you review ‘5 wooden toothbrushes available in India,’ a lot of people will be interested. 

It comes down to this: would people Google the topic you want to create. When the answer is yes, it lends value, and you should go ahead with it.

Check if it’s been done before

It’s a simple question of why. Why would someone watch your video on “how to exercise at home” when there are a gazillion videos of it already floating in the digital ether?

The answer is if it’s better than others or if it brings a new perspective to the topic, like exercising at home using a staircase. If you want your followers to keep growing on Instagram, axe all ideas that have been done and dusted.

Create content only if your quality is going to be far above all competitors, or you add uniqueness to it

Keep quality over quantity

It is important to publish consistently, but consistency doesn’t mean 3 posts a day. It can be 2 posts a week or 2 posts in 3 days. You can create less as long as it’s better content than others. 

Good quality content automatically adds value to your followers. One way to make better content is to recycle. Take a look at all your old content. Check if you can breathe new life into it. If you can, repurpose it. 

Show your audience, don’t tell them

Show, don’t tell is a caveat used in storytelling. When you tell people things, they don’t listen. They zone out. But when you show them, they get interested. That’s what your content should do.

Don’t tell them not to use product XYZ or travel to Munnar for the upcoming holiday season. Explain to them why the product is not worth using. Show them the beauty of Munnar. And that’ll hook them in.

Stop promoting too much

People today are too savvy by half. They run from #ads and #sponcons like it’s Covid-19 (too soon for jokes?). When your Instagram feed is a ticker tape of advertisements and promotions, followers will drop you like hot cake. Therefore, remember to always keep the page a healthy mixture of organic content and brand collaborations.

Interact with audiences to keep growing on Instagram

Most of the reasons you’re not growing on Instagram stem from content and its value. However, what you do after hitting publish is essential too. Your job is not over after a Story, or a Reel is live. 

You must engage with the audience. Allocate a few minutes for it every day. That means liking, pinning or replying to their comments. This one-on-one makes followers feel valued. You also have to double tap and comment on accounts you follow. It increases your engagement rate, making you more discoverable to new users. 


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