Content creation for social media is a full-time job! It isn’t a child’s play anymore. And pitching to brands is the toughest part of this job. That’s why we built DYT, so you don’t have to pitch to brands to get collaborations

We simplify the whole back and forth process of contacting brands, negotiating price, getting approval and whatnot by acting as a direct point of contact between you and them. With a transparent process, quick approvals and payouts, you get more time to focus on your content. 

With DYT, creators don’t need to pitch to brands to get collaborations

The app already has a list of brand campaigns. You simply select the one you love (and match the creator criteria of the brand) and participate.

Clear collaboration process

Often creators get stuck in a tricky place where they have to meet the brand’s expectations as well as maintain their content’s integrity. Sometimes brands don’t know what they want whereas other times creators get confused over how to align their content with the brand.

With DYT, this whole hassle is eliminated. All the requirements and expectations of the brand are available on the app in detail. You just have to create content as per instructions and submit it for approval. 

Clear content instructions

DYT gives content first priority. You have the entire information about the campaign and hence can accordingly use your creativity to create something that fits into the brand’s expectations as well as maintains your uniqueness. Every picture or video along with captions and hashtags are first approved by brands and then uploaded on your socials.

Right money for the right content

Pricing is a very important factor when it comes to collaborating with brands. You want to get paid for the efforts you put in. DYT does this work for you. After careful analysis and research on various factors like the brand’s budget, creator’s expectation, industry rate, etc. the payout is decided. The process is completely transparent to you and saves a lot of hustle. Payment is transferred to your DYT wallet which you can redeem to either Paytm or a bank account anytime you want. 

Don’t wait, get DYT so you don’t have to pitch to brands anymore

Well, what are you waiting for?

Hop into the DYT app now and check out all the awesome collaboration opportunities waiting for you (without pitching brands)!

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