Do you love fashion and styling trends? Are you interested in sharing your outfit tips with the world? Fashion blogging, in the beginning, may seem a little intimidating since so many creators of this category are already ruling the social media world right now. Well here we are sharing some advice on how you can stand out as a fashion blogger: 

  • Find your voice


Now more and more people reach out to fashion bloggers for everyday styling tips. Probably because they are more authentic and relatable as compared to pitch-perfect models of popular magazines. Now you need to make yourself more accessible and connect with the audience on a deeper level so that they pay attention to your content. Look for factors that make you unique from others. Mention those in your bio, stories and captions. This way you will be able to reinforce your brand and create a space for yourself in the fashion blogging world. 

  • Connect your content to your story


Posting just good looking pictures or videos might give you instant likes but it won’t convert the audience into loyal followers or subscribers. People engage only when they find a story worth paying attention to. So try to connect your outfits or styling videos to real-life experiences. For example, why you choose a particular colour or how you came up with a fashion idea. Relate it to your childhood experiences, favourite movies, work-life hurdles, etc. 

  • Post Behind The Scene Content


Behind the scene, videos are a great medium to present your authentic self to your followers. Everyone likes perfectly edited eye-candy photos or videos but a lot of effort goes into shooting them and the audience knows this. So why not give them a glimpse of all your messy pile of clothes and unfiltered pictures! Bloopers are another fun idea for keeping your followers entertained. 

  • Figure Out A Layout


As much fun randomness may sound, a consistent layout makes your profile stand out from others. It gives uniqueness to the feed and adds a recognizable factor to your brand. The layout could take any form ranging from title, caption, aesthetic filters, to the amount of white spaces. Some fashion bloggers also change their layout after a couple of months with a theme break post. Such uniform themes are soothing to the eyes and give a breath of fresh air to the audience. 

  • Research on SEO and Algorithms


SEO or Search Engine Optimization and algorithms helps to figure out what audience is currently searching on Google or social media and thus you can mould your content accordingly. As a fashion blogger, you don’t need to get into the technicalities of SEO or algorithms. Just some basic knowledge about trending keywords, meta description and the title is enough to keep your content updated. 


Just be consistent and true to yourself. Soon your name will shine brighter amongst famous fashion bloggers.