On another episode of decoding popular social media handles, we have Ankush Bahuguna. If you read that with a game host impersonation, YOU ARE THE MVP! First and foremost, he deserves a shoutout for being a knight of breaking toxic masculinity. How? Check Ankush Bahuguna’s Instagram handle to find out.

Or you can read on…

Ankush Bahuguna's Instagram
1. Sneak peek into his life

Whether it be the 90s or 2021, one thing about human nature that remains the same (instead has only increased) is curiosity about others’ lives. And when it comes to public figures, the boundaries get a lot more blurry.  

We might do a blog on that later, but this is not about that. 

Ankush manages to trickle some content to feed curiosity and maintain his boundary as well.

If you scroll down Ankush’s feed, you’ll find a lot of cameos from his personal life, especially his mum (who deserves her own fandom). This type of content creates a grounding effect that lets the audience get invested in the content creator. 

2. Reporting relatability

Before you start saying, “this toh every content creator does yaar”, hear me out.

You are right; creating relatable content is something every influencer does. It’s a good strategy to gain an audience, and I am only reinforcing that. But… relatable content is not synonymous with repeated content.

Ankush’s feed is filled with covers that feels like he is ready to report on everything wrong with our lives, that we overlook. 

And that’s how he manages to make us frustrated and happy at the same time. His content is 9 out of 10 times a fresh perspective, even if the topic is stale.

3. Moment marketing

It’s one of the best marketing strategies, AND no, it is not just for brands and meme pages. If you want to grow as a content creator, you would have to dip your toes (read: jump) into the river of trending content and find a place for yourself. 

Try this one for size

4. Bonus point from Ankush Bahuguna’s Instagram

Ankush is definitely a bahuguni (I had to), and a lot of us would kill for his skills with make-up.

This is not something that you could jot down and recreate, rather this is something that should inspire you. As a man, experimenting with make-up is still a big no-no in our society. But he made it his USP and totally owned all the haters. Which is a sign for you to stop thinking about “LOG KYA KAHENGE” and start rocking your amazing self.