According to history, India was once considered a prosperous land in terms of trades, wealth, and lifestyle. However, somehow, India’s glory and wealth got lost in the pages of history, and that’s why it was considered a third-world country after independence. However, lately, this country is again considered amongst some of the wealthiest nations in the world. Of course, India might not be as rich as the five superpower countries in the world. But it surely is walking in their footsteps towards a successful future. 

Thanks to social media, several finance creators have made quite an amazing impact on the world. If you search for such profiles on different social media, you will get tons of them, some of who have just started their careers as finance creators, and some have thousands of followers already. So, to make you aware of these influential people, we have picked out the best five finance creators on Instagram, one of the best social media platforms. 


Fincocktail is a business profile on Instagram and is managed by Sayali Rai and Niyati. They create both images and video content based on different finance problems. One of the best things about this finance creator profile is that you can find information about the economic markets and banks and learn about different finance solutions through the short video content. 

Finance with Sharan

With 385K followers, this finance creator profile has become the second-best in India. Created and managed by Sharan Hedge, a PwC financial consultant, the profile is all about discussing different investments and informing others about the importance of investments, how to do so, tips to avoid the risks, etc. 


Refinance is also another finance creator profile having a standing follower list of 266K. Their bio is quite convincing as the creators have claimed that Refinance profile is trusted by more than 450k investors from all across the world. Their main aim is to promote financial literacy amongst Indians and make them more aware of the national and global financial markets, the top companies having the highest revenues, the competition, etc. 


Anamika Rayna quit her job as Chartered Accountant in 2020. After that, she had opened this financial business account where she shares different information and guidelines based on her knowledge about the market. In addition, she has a YouTube channel where you can further view her guide videos. 


Lastly, we have picked up the latest finance creator profile, which has gained quite amazing success recently. Having a follower list of 367K, this particular social media profile has many important news and information units that are designed and prepared to help everyone. 


In the above section, we have discussed the top five finance creators whom you should know. These people are overcoming every hurdle and emerging as the top finance consultants in India and the world. With their zeal and dedication, they have uplifted themselves to such a position that now, one can consider them to be the finance pillars of India.