Update: DYT Academy is now a part of DYT Pro. To access courses on content creations, please subscribe to DYT Pro.

Second update: DYT Pro is now DYT Grow and all courses for influencers are available on it as à la carte.

We’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for years now. Everybody, and we positively mean everybody, has the power to influence. It’s a profound experience to realise this.

Anyone can become a content creator. 

It’s moving to the next rung of the ladder that is hard. The transition is tricky, whether you are a micro-influencer with mere 5000+ followers or a macro-influencer with 50K+ followers. When you’re trying to break that ceiling, the first question you ask yourself is: How do I become a better content creator?

The answer is: you learn, and you learn from those who really know what they’re doing.

DYT Academy: learning to be a better content creator

As glamorous as it may seem, being a content creator is no bed of roses. Building a massive community and being beloved by all takes persistence, grit, knowledge, and guidance.

The first two creators have in abundance. DYT Academy offers you the other two.

What is DYT Academy?

DYT Academy is a one-of-a-kind solution built solely for content creators. It’s a place where any budding influencer can learn from those who’ve done it all before through easy, bite-sized courses.

Each course is developed by the best-in-the-business and is broken down into small modules (and further into units) so that you can upskill yourself in your spare time.

What’s the aim?

The vision is to help creators be better, kick-start their careers and turn their passions or side-hustles into livelihoods that bring in income.

Carrying on with our overarching goal of helping with monetization, creators who know their field well can earn by submitting a course to the academy.

What sort of courses does DYT Academy have?

All courses, paid or free, are divided into three categories: beginner, medium and expert, making it easier for you to opt for the right one. We’re launching with the beginner level first and will gradually expand to the other two.

Few courses you can expect are:

  • The fundamental: how to start content creation? It includes modules on finding your niche and target audience, the equipment you’ll need, how to plan content, etc.
  • The popular: how to be a fashion content creator? The modules span from capsule wardrobes to exploring personal style.
  • The essential: how to edit photos and videos? The course has all the information a new creator requires about basic photo, thumbnail and video editing.
  • The requisite: how to set up a home studio? The course teaches novices everything they need on how to ideate, plan, execute and edit self-portraits.

What’s more?

  • You can share the course with fellow creators.
  • You can ask questions, doubts or queries while you are learning from a course.
  • You get lifetime access to courses, so you can press pause at any time and pick up where you left off.
  • On completing a course, you get a certificate!

DYT Academy is not limited to video courses. You’ll also find articles on tips, tricks, and best practices that educate, inform and support your career as a content creator.

Is DYT Academy for you?

  • You’ve always wanted to create drool-worthy content but don’t know how to start.
  • You’ve been posting on socials regularly, yet your audience is not growing.
  • You’ve been juggling content creation with a job (or studies or family) and want to make that full-time leap.
  •  You want to be a better creator and make more moolah.

If you nodded to even one of the above, DYT Academy is for you. It’ll help you learn the ins and outs of content creation from the very best.

Where do you sign up?

DYT Academy is available on our app. Download here and go forth and explore!

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