Niharika NM woke up one day and thought, “I am going to make everyone’s day better and brighter.” 

And she did. The digital creator with 1.8M followers at the time of writing this article has a feed worth a lot of perusals.

Her signature style

Niharika knows what to do to get attention quickly and also how to keep it on herself. She doesn’t hold herself back from using a South Indian accent (sometimes exaggerated, but we love it), and deliver content.

Now don’t get me wrong. Her accent is not her signature style, but only a part of it. 

Her style is the fine line she draws between using her culture to create humour and making fun of her culture. A balance that, if not found, could become problematic.


Laughs at herself

Comedians will agree, if you cannot laugh at yourself, no one will laugh with you. Niharika does not hold back in making parodies of social situations, conventions. But she knows when to lean back and create a self-burn.

Her feed has a good mix of various clashing personalities, a common trend but not always well put.  

Linguistic Masala

Although most of her content is in English, props to her for constantly proving that she is multi-linguistic (She told us she can speak more than one language without telling us she can speak more than one language). 


She carves her own space of diversity, inclusiveness and relatable humour in the stream of content, attracting the GenZs and Millenials looking for a voice that represents them.


So if you are taking a cue from her, definitely take this one

Don’t be afraid to be unique, a bit crazy and culturally you. Those are your USPs; take advantage of it like nobody’s business.

And as she might say, “Chumma don’t just sit there. Go and do something useful.”

She really has that elder sister vibe down, doesn’t she?