Content creation is one of the most attractive industries of today, with more and more people ditching their professions to chase their calling. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  However, it’s not just about capturing your best life and sharing it with the world. It takes a lot more, like coming up with new content ideas. Constantly! 

Easy, new content ideas to get over a creative block

Have an honest conversation with any creator, one who has been in the industry for some time, and you’ll see the challenges they face every day. One of them is the infamous “creator’s block”.

It is only natural for even a creative genius to run out of ideas at different stages of their career. 

With that in mind, we take you through 7 ways to come up with new content ideas.

1. Just ask away

Since the consumer is king, why not just let them take charge? The first and the most obvious way to jump the fence is to ask your audience what kind of content they would enjoy

You can act on the most common suggestions and even create a repository for future content ideas. Not only does this make your job easier, but it also makes the audience feel more valued and important. Viola! You just hit two birds with a stone right there.  

2. Revisit your old content

This is a content idea that you had the entire time. Take a walk down your own profile and look for your audience’s most beloved content pieces. You can then remake it or create a new take on part of it. You could also create a sneak-peak of the retake, and get your audience all excited about what’s new in the store for a content they already love to bits.  

3. Hop on that trend

Trends are the new social media norm. And well, is there any other way apart from hopping on the bandwagon? While it’s absolutely okay to not want to do what everyone seems to be doing, the idea of spicing it up in your own way deserves some thought. As a creator, you could pick any hot trend and explore ways of adding your own touch to it. This way, you could even set a trend out of an already existing one!  

4. Don’t know the answer? Just Google it! 

There is no one who wouldn’t agree that Google has saved us every now and then. With 5.6 billion Google searches per day, that’s almost a given! One of the easiest ways to come up with content ideas is a simple Google search.

Start by typing any topic that crosses your mind, and the recommendation engine will suggest numerous related topics. Pick any that resonates with you and get started with your creation in no time.  

5. Write! Write! Write!

With a mind already overwhelmed with processing every second of our life, it is only natural to forget the things that make a difference. Getting into the habit of writing an idea the very moment it hits your brain is the most effective way to remember. Not only will this help you to immediately act on an idea, but it will also create your very own fount of content ideas that you can use over time. 

6. Never underestimate your comment section

Sure, the number of likes is extremely important, but it’s a mistake to downplay the importance of your comments section. That’s where your audience shares details about whether they like your content or not along with their expectations for future content. There’s always hidden treasure (for anyone looking!) somewhere in those comments.  

7. Keep an eye on the news

Most events around the globe have the propensity to impact society as a whole. As a creator, it is sometimes a good idea to take a break from your forte to talk about your take on an important development. Your audience will appreciate their favourite creator talking about a social issue and relate to you a lot more. Your relationship with followers will strengthen if your content imparts the feeling that you are just like them and feel the impact of a societal event.        

Let’s hope these new content ideas and tips make your journey as a content creator a lot smoother and more fulfilling.