Are you an automobile enthusiast? Interested to know more about cool motorbikes and brand-new cars? Then we’ve got the names of Indian automobile creators  that you simply have to follow.

Automobile creators from India posting the best content

Whether it is expert advice you want or simply some great vehicular content, these are the 5 influencers on Instagram to stan:

1) Power Drift (@powerdrift)


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Rohan Albal and Amit Shetty, travel and auto-enthusiasts, own this account. They create fun, engaging automobile content and provide details on every aspect of the vehicle. They also give honest and authentic opinions about cars and motorcycles in the form of reviews. Power Drift showcases Indian motoring in a way it really deserves. Their content will never bore the enthusiast in you.

2) Candida Louis (@candidalouis)


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Candida Louis, a Bangalore-based girl motorcyclist, is an adventure craver. She started her journey from India to Australia on a motorcycle. She has covered more than 28,000 kilometres in 120 days, that too, solo. 

She also loves to give tours to people and has led more than 34 customised biking group tours. Candida has more than 12 years of biking experience and is interested in inviting Indian bikers on a life-changing journey around the globe with her.

3) Jatt Prabhjot (@jatt_prabhjot)


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He is a biker and travelling enthusiast who showcases his love for motorbikes through his Instagram account and shares all kinds of stuff related to bikes. He also uploads various videos of his lifestyle and travelling on his page.

4) Priyanka Kochhar (@bikewithgirl)


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She is a professional racer and loves riding motorcycles and sports cars. Priyanka is an inspiration to all the women out there trying to find new territories and break the stereotype that, in India, only men can ride bikes. She has won multiple MotoGP races across the globe, including her first national-level podium in the National Motorcycle Championship that was held in Chennai.  

5) Jasminder Singh aka Jaysn (@jsfilmsindia)


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He is the most fun-loving automobile influencer. Jaysn attracts his audience through his funny jokes and desi style. He provides great information related to the latest advancements in bikes, how to lead a lifestyle like a true rider, recent trends in the automobile market, store launches and places to visit to purchase the best bike gears and equipment. 

He also gives sincere and frank reviews of different bikes. Jaysn recently came out with a music video titled “bhagega ye corona“. More than 30 famous influencers were featured in his music video, like Jatta Prabhjot, Abhi and Niyu, and Radhika Bangia.

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These automobile creators on Instagram give honest, real-time opinions on motorbikes and cars. Their feedback will not only inspire the automobile lover in you, but also solve your doubts regarding purchasing a new car or motorcycle.

Follow them now on Instagram to get all the latest updates and if you think another influencer should make this list, share their handles in the comments!