Not sure how to use eye-catchy and unique hashtags to attract a larger audience? Interested in getting more and more benefits from hashtags? If yes, then follow these ways to use the right ones in your social media posts:  

Use the optimal number of hashtags

Use at least 1 to 3 hashtags in your captions. Although you can go up to 30 hashtags in a caption, using so many of them may look messy. If you want to use 5 or more hashtags, then put them in the first comment.

Don’t use random hashtags

Stop using random hashtags and try researching what your audience prefers. Make sure the hashtags are relevant to your audience and contain keywords that your followers are literally searching for. You can use niche hashtags because the more niche they are, the more audience you will get.

Check out famous influencers’ accounts

To find out the best hashtags, check out the accounts of your favourite influencers with a similar target audience as you.

Search for trending hashtags

Find relevant hashtags by surveying the related trending hashtags for growing your community. You can also search for them through the search-bar and find the ones closely connected to your type of content.  

Follow brand and industry hashtags

You can follow the relevant industry, brand or community hashtags. This way, related posts appear on your feed, and it helps you keep an eye on all the pertinent hashtags.

Use the brand’s hashtags

Following a brand’s hashtags isn’t enough. You must start using these in posts. Various brands often mention their most general branded hashtags in their bio. Add them whenever you post anything about the brand. For example, Papier, a stationery brand, has #lovepapier.  

Make a list of hashtags

Make a list of relevant hashtags category-wise. Example: For educational hashtags, create a list of books, stationery or subject related hashtags. Similarly, if you run a travel blog, then put location and wanderlust related hashtags on the list. This way, you can easily find relevant hashtags and use them in Instagram post captions, comments and stories.

Always use hashtags for Instagram Stories

Using hashtags on Stories will lure new users. You may hide your hashtags behind a sticker or GIF by making them smaller to avoid covering the content. However, don’t make the text too small as Instagram may not be able to pick your hashtag.  

A final tip on hashtags:

Don’t use banned hashtags on your posts, as they violate the community’s guidelines. And after all, they are useless for you. That’s it! Try these tips and attract followers to your page.