The rise of Instagram has been one of the most disruptive events in social media history. It took over all other social media platforms because of its lightning-fast innovations that sweep the internet by storm (every now and then), and its ability to engage all age groups. 

While Instagram is replete with features that enable creators to post, engage with, and manage their content, the rapidly evolving digital landscape and our obsession with speed and ease demands a more efficient tool. That’s how creators can make the most out of their online presence. 

This is where Instagram Creator Studio steps in. It’s a business intelligence-based dashboard that provides a one-stop solution for creators to post, manage, measure, and monetise their content in the most effective manner.

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

Instagram Creator Studio not only helps creators manage their community, schedule posts, etc., but also enables social media analytics and monetisation of content. In other words, using Creator Studio further simplifies the process of managing their presence on Instagram. 

Impressed? But we’re not even at the best part yet, which has to be that it’s free. Let’s take a look at what this business intelligence masterpiece is capable of.   

Create and schedule posts

You can use Instagram Studio to create and schedule IGTV and photo posts (including carousel posts). The platform does not yet support the upload of Reels, remixes, or Stories. 

You can add captions, location details, and hashtags to posts, tag people, or crop photos. The platform also has an advanced settings feature that allows users to turn off their comments and add Alt text to pictures. Moreover, the user has the flexibility of choosing if they would like their post to appear on their Facebook page. 

Access the content library 

A content library provides users access to all their posts, including archived stories, in one place. The users can also assess the insights relevant to any of their posts by clicking on “View.” The studio further simplifies the user experience by allowing them to use the search bar to look for a specific post or filter content by date or status. 

Build or view calendar 

The calendar feature can be used to view all your previously published and scheduled posts in a weekly or monthly view. This is an excellent feature for planning upcoming content.  

Insights into your audience

The Insights feature helps you discover patterns in user interaction with your account, say, the reach of your post. The feature also helps you analyse your audience in terms of age, gender, peak activity hours, and geographic details such as the country or region they belong to. You can also extract these details for any 90-day timeframe period of your choice. 

Monetise your profile

This feature can only be accessed by any user who meets the following conditions: 

  1. Has a creator/business account with more than 10,000 followers.
  2. Has generated more than 100 watch hours on original videos.
  3. Has 1000 likes and comments (combined) in the last 60 days.    

Can a brand use Instagram Creator Studio?

Yes, the studio makes a strong use case for brands. They can schedule content, track the performance of posts and campaigns, and analyse their audience. It is also helpful to easily boost organic content, interact with customers, and provide a more personalised experience for their users.