It’s been a while since we started #DecodingInstagramHandles of well-known content creators. We’ve spanned fashion, comedy and travel niches – the three most popular areas for content creators. Today, we branch into a completely new niche musical comedy (more on this in a moment) by decoding Aadar Malik’s Instagram handle.

Decoding Aadar Malik’s Instagram for some tips, tricks and more

For those of you in the back, he does belong to the Malik family (think Armaan, Amaal, Daboo and Anu Malik). Aadar is an actor, a musician and a comedian, and he knows exactly how to use his passion and talent to do what he loves. 

Don’t be afraid to explore a completely new niche

Discovering your niche is the most important step as a content creator because it becomes the foundation of all your content. Usually, new creators start off with broad areas like travel, health or lifestyle. Some do the smart thing and find a niche within these generic categories, like fitness for new moms

These are safe bets. We get it. That’s why you choose it. But one look at Aadar Malik’s Instagram handle, and it becomes clear that safe is not always the best. He is the only creator, as far as we’ve discovered, who blends music and comedy. 

He created his own niche, musical comedy, based on what he loves and can do well. His #MorningSong, a ditty that he sang with a guitar during the first lockdown, is a perfect example. 

Keep the content entertaining

There are three ways you attract followers with your content. You make it informative; you make it entertaining, or you talk or show something brand new. Aadar has mastered the second. His content is a bundle of laughs. Don’t believe us? Take a look at his Boring Tuitorials (and yes, that’s the way he spells it). 

Capitalise on the bio to get new followers

A major content tip for new creators from Aadar’s Instagram is making use of the bio. Most creators utilise the space to add links to their YouTube or Merch channel. Aadar uses it to drive traffic to content on his Instagram page, a super way to draw more viewers to a piece that is already doing well and get them to tap follow!

Use text-based posts to break the flow

Instagram was made to share photographs. Slowly, that changed to videos, Stories, Reels, IGTV and more. A trend that took an even longer time to catch on was text-based posts. Aadar makes excellent use of it. It’s a content tip we’ll readily copy. There is something about a plain background and simple font that catches the eye. Moreover, it helps break the IG grid into clear sections!

Decoding Aadar Malik’s Instagram2

Add humour for relatability

There is a reason why comedians like Aadar, Karunesh TalwarPrajakta Koli, and Ankush Bahuguna are rising as content creators on social platforms. Their humour makes them relatable. Plus, anyone who can get us to reveal our batasi during the past year and a half has our hearts. But we know not every creator knows the art of comedy. To those, we say, be like Aadar. Use humour in the captions. 

Decoding Aadar Malik’s Instagram 1

Cater to a new audience through creator collaboration

Aadar co-blogs with his wife Aparna Bajpai, who is also a creator in her own right, through the handle @roamingaffair. The page is dedicated to travel with spectacular photos. 

Learnings from it? You don’t have to be limited to one niche. If your thng is more than one thing, create Instagram pages for each. Like the Bruised Passports did for home décor and Aadar did with Roaming Affair. Also, collaborating with other creators is a great way to tap into a new audience. 

Decoding Aadar Malik’s Instagram

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