New Creator? Here Are The Apps & Tools You Need To Start!

New Creator? Here Are The Apps & Tools You Need To Start!

  September 18, 2021



  September 18, 2021


The life of a content creator might seem bright and glamorous from far. However, a lot of effort goes into creating those Instagram-worthy pictures and videos. Starting as a new creator is not a walk in the park. That said, there are a few tools that make the creator journey a lot easier for you. 

Physical equipment creators need

Visual appeal plays a key role in determining your worth on Instagram. Hence, it is important to click high-quality pictures and create attention-grabbing videos. For that, you need a good DSLR or phone’s in-built camera

Tripods are required too for stable video recording. (We speak about how much they cost here.) Most influencers, later on, get a ring light as well. However, you can smartly use the well-lit area of your house that gets ample sunlight to click pictures or record videos in the early stages. 

Photo editing apps for creators

You might need some editing assistance to make those amazingly snapped pictures more aesthetically pleasing. Although Instagram already offers many filter options, photo editing apps help in adding various effects.

Some apps that are quite popular amongst creators to make killer content these days are Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, VSCO and Picsart. The first three have the best features when it comes to tweaking photos by adjusting contrast, brightness, highlight, hues, etc., whereas Picsart comes in really handy if you want to add some animation to your pictures. 

Video editing apps for creators

As a new creator, you must try to cash in the increasing craze of Reels on Instagram. Video editing apps come in really handy for this type of short video content. You can cut videos as per your choice, insert cool transitions and animated effects, enhance the quality, etc., with the help of these apps. Later, Inshot, Lifelapse and Boomerang are some video editing apps creating a buzz amongst influencers nowadays. 

Hashtag generators creators can use

Hashtags are keywords that Instagram users type in the search box to find relevant content. They play a crucial role in determining the reach of your posts as well as your page. Tools like Kicksta, Flick, and Tailwind assist you in figuring out hashtags relevant to your content and planning around them. Some of them even show the competition score, expected audience reach and traffic generated by a particular hashtag.

Management tools for more experienced creators

Being a content creator is like nurturing a business. You also have to plan, analyse and research along with creating lucrative content to establish a connection with the audience. Consistency plays a very key role in this matter, and you have to plan a step ahead to be consistent. This becomes even more crucial as you grow. 

So, more experienced creators with some moolah to spare, Social Sprouts, Iconosquare and Socialfox are great social media management tools. They offer planning and scheduling features and even give you a real-time update of your audience and engagement growth. 

That’s it, folks! These were some of the apps and tools new creators can use. With them by your side, you get a much-needed kickstart to your influencer career. 

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