What could be special about a weekday? Take a guess. Well, you can definitely check the weather off your list or the dish on your dinner menu. We’re treating you to insights from our favourite fashion blogger – Simran Anand. From her pocket, we bring some coveted tips and tricks to grow as a content creator.


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Engaging tips to grow as a content creator from Simran Anand

An influencer marketer and content creator by profession, and a stylist by degree, Simran already has a bunch of feathers in her cap. All the more reason, we asked her for some tips on creating engaging content.

Be consistent

The importance of this tip cannot be emphasised enough. Ask those who have tried and tested it. Simran started her Instagram journey two years ago with just about 400 followers. Today, she stands strong with a loyal base of 30k.

All of them were organically acquired. Want to know how? Sure, her hard work and talent deserve all the credit in the world, but so does her zeal for consistency. She juggles a full-time job with content creation and keeps her audience hooked through amazing content (that we absolutely love).

Be true to yourself

Simran’s profile screams authenticity. How she is unapologetically herself is apparent in everything, from her sense of style to her sense of humour. Anyone who visits her profile cannot help but notice she is a staunch proponent of being true to herself.

Find a girl who pulls off some hilarious captions while serving up some killer looks. Wait, we already found one for you! Her genuineness and relatability quotient not only make her a favourite of the audience but also help her grow as a creator.

Be a planner

A planner by nature, organising content ahead of time is something that Simran swears by. Her love for planners and checklists is apparent to anyone who follows her. The creator loves to stay on top of things and start her day with a to-do list to plan accordingly.

She derives sheer joy and pleasure from ending the day by checking off her to-do list and drafting one for the next day. Want to stay on top of your game? Well, start by gifting yourself a planner!

Track your analytics

With socials flooded with content every passing second, the power of Instagram insights can prove invaluable. Yes, they help you gauge how a post has performed in terms of engagement and reach. But a deeper analysis can also help understand the kind of audience that interacts with your content.

Simran is all about creating content that strikes a chord with her audience. But how does she know what content works for her? Simple, by digging into the metrics for her content on an ongoing basis.

Do more of what works for you

Checked all the above but still not quite there?

Ever tried exploring more of what works for you? Referring to the last tip we took from Simran – use your insights to know what content performs the best.  

Or be like Simran: directly ask your audience directly.

She likes to stay abreast with what her followers love and continually engages with them to find out what it is that they would like to see her create. This has given rise to the very famous #StyleRecreationWithSimzz wherein the fashionista recreates some of the most iconic looks of global celebrities. Simran also manages to win her audience over and over with breath-taking ethnic looks every festive season.

You too, in the same way, can discover what works the best for you as a creator, chart a path, and experience exponential growth – all by doing the thng that you love.

Sounds better than the best, right?

Leverage these engaging tricks to grow as a content creator from Simran Anand and set yourself on the path to ultimate Instagram glory! 

And if you’ve not downloaded Do Your Thng yet, get to it: