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There was a time when a friend would mention a brand they bought and loved over a cup of coffee or drink, and the whole group would either buy it or consider it or tell more people about it. This was pure word-of-mouth marketing at play. The holy grail of all brands. Unfortunately, it could not be scaled, nor could it be tracked.

Then came social media and its natives, content creators. 

Suddenly, a person could share their opinion or experience about their most recent purchase, and thousands, if not millions, of people would stand up and pay attention. This gave birth to influencer marketing: a scalable, trackable and online word-of-mouth. And the need for brands use influencer marketing platforms.

The benefits for a brand to partner with Do Your Thng

It’s been years, yet marketers still stumble their way through influencer campaigns. The most challenging part for a majority (78%) is finding the appropriate creators, followed by brand safety. 76% of brands believe brand safety is a concern in influencer marketing.

Fortunately, influencer marketing platforms, like us (yes, we’re tooting our own horn), make influencer discovery effortless and guarantee brand safety.

The platform does all the work for you, from finding and reaching out to creators to tracking metrics. All you have to do is approve the content that works best for your brand. And that’s not all! Here’s why else a brand should partner with Do Your Thng for influencer marketing campaigns. 

1. Get people to care about your brand

Our platform has over 85,000 content creators spanning all categories, from generic to super-niches. When a brand starts a campaign with DYT, our advanced algorithm uses personality-based search for creators, not keyword-based. 

What’s the difference?

Keyword-based discovery is hit-and-miss. Personality-based searches are not. Why? Because it allows you to express brand value through creators with the same values. And to an audience that is already engaged or interested in that value. 

Say you’re a sustainable fashion brand. Our brilliant AI will give you 1000 (or more or less) influencers within the sustainable fashion space. The platform can narrow it down even further based on demographics like gender, age and location to target a highly specific audience.

Don’t want to run a campaign with 1000 influencers

You can filter them based on previous performance and find the top dozen! The cherry on top? The platform’s technology does the hard lifting. You just have to click buttons!

By finding and partnering with suitable creators, you get people to care about your brand because you reach them on a level that resonates. FYI, this is where most brands transgress. They rely on random creators, and that backfires the influencer campaign. 

2. Advocacy solves the crisis of trust

The trust consumers placed on celebrities and mega-influencers was already waning. Then came along Covid-19, and trust plunged down the Mariana Trench. As marketers, you hit a growth wall no matter how well-known the influencer you worked with was. 

That’s the second reason brands should partner with Do Your Thng. We bank on advocacy, not mere influencers. Prominent influencers are driven by pecuniary gain. So, when they amplify your brand message, their fake enthusiasm is very much visible to their followers. 

Our platform leverages content creators who either already use your product or are fans of it. Called brand advocates, they are driven by their love of the brand, not a monetary incentive. Because they are genuinely motivated to talk and promote a brand, it shines through in their content, creating eye-popping engagement. 

With DYT, a brand can find brand advocates, form a lasting connection with them and use their power (repeatedly) to promote products or services. 

3. Data-driven and transparent campaigns

Transparency is a thorn that digs into every brand’s side. It begins during influencer discovery and the inability to know if the followers, likes and comments a content creator has are genuine. It ends with measuring campaign performance through data available, typically, only to the creator. 

Our platform takes this struggle away.

All the content creators are stringently vetted for fake followers and bot activity before being onboarded. It ensures that you don’t partner with anyone who has inflated numbers.

Moreover, our platform offers analytics that measure the key metrics of each creator. It ensures that you can keep an eye on a campaign’s success or tweak it to achieve better ROI.

4. Build an extended creative team

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but people look at influencer marketing through the wrong lens. Creators are not ad buys. They are not another distribution channel for brand communication. They are creatives who work from both sides of the lens. So, instead of hiring them, collaborate with them and leverage their expertise. 

That’s what Do Your Thng helps brands with. We make influencers an extended part of your creative team. For instance, as a brand, you build the campaign creative brief but give enough leeway to the influencer to flex their creative muscle. 

Once they submit the content, you have the option to offer feedback and ask them for edits. This collaborative element to the campaign produces concrete results. 

5. Traffic in real currency: growth

Influencer campaigns tend to fail when people  don’t understand the nuances of influence – who has it, how it impacts followers and which creators can drive consumer behaviour.

It’s rarely mega-influencers (over 1 million followers) who traffic in the real currency of influencer marketing, which is creating growth through engagement. It is the micro-influencers (less than 15k followers) that have authentic power of suasion. 

At Do Your Thng, it is these small creators (and big ones) we make accessible to you. You can use thousands of creators of every size to celebrate your brand in a style that generates true growth. 

But don’t take our word on why a brand should partner with DYT. 

Give the platform a try and run a free demo campaign!

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