Hoping to land your dream collab?  Well, you’ve come to the right place! We know that most of you have thought of earning some extra moolah from Instagram or Facebook. Even if you don’t have that coveted blue tick yet.  But as a budding and aspiring creator, finding a brand that is ready to pay you (even if it’s peanuts) is hard. Really hard.  That’s why micro and nano-influencers should use DYT (Do Your Thng).

At DYT, we connect awesome influencers like you to awesome brands like Klairs, Nescafe, Hershey’s, Lays, DaMENSCH, just to name a few.

What’s even better? 

We don’t care if you have 1000 followers, 10,000 followers, or 100,000 followers. We hobnob with all of you. So, if you’re a small content creator wondering how to become an influencer, download our app

Not convinced yet? Here are all the reasons why Do Your Thng is perfect for nano and micro-influencers.

5 reasons why micro and nano-influencers should use DYT

If you go hunting, you’ll find one or two apps that help influencers in India connect with brands. But most of them are geared towards bigger content creators, creators who have already made a name for themselves.

Do Your Thng works with content creators of all sizes, with a special focus on micro and nano-influencers. Why? Because more and more brands (78% to be exact) want to work with micro-influencers. But why? Because small creators have loyal and engaged communities, so their content actually brings in results. 

Making brand collaborations accessible

That brings us to the first reason DYT is perfect for nano- or micro-influencers. We make collaborations with the hottest and biggest brands accessible to regular people like you. 

Here’s how DYT works. You download the app, sync it to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. We dive deep into your content and statistics to calculate the DYT Score

Next, you browse through plenty of brand collaborations and campaigns. Choose one that you love, create content, get approval, post it on your socials and, voilà, you get paid!

Prove authenticity to brands

The biggest hurdle for budding content creators is finding and pitching to brands. DYT takes care of the problem. We do the heavy lifting, while you focus on content. 

The next hurdle in the obstacle course that is being a creator is proving to brands that your followers are not fake! Recently, it’s become a point of contention, with brands being wary of partnering with influencers. 

Do Your Thng irons that wrinkle too. Before we onboard a creator, we thoroughly vet your social media accounts to look for bots or fake followers. This vetting process gives brands the surety that every creator is verified. So, when you submit a campaign entry, you can do it with confidence that your authenticity and engagement will never be called into question!

Crystal-clear campaign guidelines

In the 3+ years we’ve been working to connect brands with creators, we’ve noticed that marketers are not great at writing campaign briefs. This leaves new content creators in a lurch because it often leads to content being rejected. 

At DYT, with each campaign, you’ll find detailed and appropriate guidelines attached. These explicit dos and don’ts help you optimise the content, increasing the chances of it being approved!

Earn more with time

Remember the DYT Score we mentioned before? How much you earn for each post is directly connected to your score. But wait. We calculate the score daily, and we factor in a lot of elements, from posting frequency to engagement. 

That means, over time, your DYT Score can increase, which means you can earn more with every post you make. And that’s not it. With custom content (hop here to find out what’s that), you can set your own price and even negotiate it.

Learn to be better creators

Most nano-influencers and macro-influencers register with DYT because it gives them the chance to work with brands and be recognised by them. However, the reason they stay with us is very different. 

Our app is not just about collaborating with brands. We help you become better creators through DYT Academy. What’s that? It’s a place where you can find bite-sized videos on how to start as a content creator. It also has articles that give you tips, tricks and hacks to increase reach, improve content, etc. 

What more? Then take a look at the DYT chat feature. It’s a place where you can connect with fellow creators, ask questions, or sow the seeds for future creator collabs. 

DYT is looking for micro and nano-influencers like you!

The winds of change are already blowing. Influencer marketing is very different from what it used to be. The trust people placed on celebrities has now transferred to micro and nano-influencers like you – creators who talk about brands and causes they genuinely love. 

So, if you post high-quality, gorgeous and original content, are passionate about any niche (travel, tech, finance, parenting, or whatever gets you going) and have an engaged social media following, then we’re looking for you. Come say hi. 

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