Decoding Ranvijay Singha’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

Decoding Ranvijay Singha’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

  September 28, 2021



  September 28, 2021


Dolly Singh, Ritvi, Thatbohogirl, Masoom Minawala Mehta, Niharika NM, Sakshi Sindwani, Karunesh Talwar, Ankush Bahuguna, Bruised Passports, Prajakta Koli, Rahul Subramanian, Aadar Malik, Siddharth Batra – we’ve been #DecodingInstagramHandles for a while now and we’ve finally landed on a man who needs no introduction.

He’s the reason for many heartbreaks and inspiration for just as many. A generation in India has grown up on ‘Roadies’, making Ranvijay Singha a household name.  

Ranvijay Singha’s Instagram makes us go aww 

What has the man been up to when he is not testing rookie Roadies or creating drama in Splitsvilla? Easy, he’s been spending time with his family and creating some sweet content. 

So, we did what we’ve been doing with so many other content creators. We dived deep and dissected his Instagram for content tips!

Strive for authenticity

Ranvijay’s long stint with MTV and other gigs are more than enough to prove what an outstanding entertainer he is. He is funny, witty, flexible to situations, and all of it blends well with his don’t-mess-wit-me-personality.

But here is the plot twist, his content quite often takes a turn in another direction. It’s real AF. His feed is filled with him having fun with his friends, family and colleagues. And as if that wasn’t enough to bring a smile to our face, he just had to go and show off his adorable daughters. Talk about cringe in a good way. 

Keep the content simple

As much as we like over-the-top content from our favourite creators, it does not have to be the only method of awesome content creation. Singha’s content will make you laugh, but you won’t find any of it straying from his cool on the outside, dorky on the inside personality.

Include supporting actors in your content

You are the main character of your story, but that’s of no use without characters to give your story life. Ranvijay does not miss any opportunity to include his friends, colleagues and family in the content creation party.

Inspire, don’t preach

Everyone has their own journey and pace, and sometimes they need someone or something to inspire them to keep moving. And more often than usual, public figures are the ones who carry this mantle. Ranvijay is not a stranger to it, and he carries it with composure and charm, and a bit of humour. How? Check out how he motivates (watch it till the end).

Be grateful

One thing that is hard to miss when you scroll down Ranvijya’s Instagram feed, is the humble grateful tone, whether it be the content itself or the captions. Whatever you do, wherever you are, you are not alone. For good or for bad, there is someone always to keep you on the grind. Be grateful for them. 

It’s easy to forget the people and circumstances that made you who you are. However, you will only make it as a winner when you realise the privilege of having certain people in your life. 

Too heavy for the day? It’s like that sometimes. Fortunately, Ranvijay Singha has a lot of humorous content to make up for it.

As we leave, here is a tip for the day: Unwind yourself, be thankful for that one thng that makes you smile, and take a deep breath. Because sometimes the best content you can create for yourself is being content with yourself. Hope this makes you feel better.

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