If history has taught us anything, it’s that mental health is an enigma. But we do know that a happy mind = a happy soul = a happy life. And like every other organ in the body, the brain sometimes needs looking after. So, we’re sharing a list of mental health influencers (with real degrees or with experience) who can help you tend the fertile ground of your encephalon (too brainy?)

6 mental health content creators with an actual degree in psychology

In an era when influencers are becoming therapists for their followers (with no actual qualification), it’s hard to find mental health content creators with real degrees. With that in mind, here are 5 that are genuinely qualified to educate and empower people through their content on mental health.  

1. Divija Bhasin

Trending Reels and mental health facts? Heck, yes! A friendly neighbourhood therapist, Divija, or Awkwardgoat3, makes mental health awareness fun. She is the queen of making informative Reels using trends and killin’ it.

Her posts are relatable to Gen Z, Gen X, and Gen Alpha too. She brings to light our everyday negative and anxious thoughts and how we can fight them. We can also tell Divija is a sass queen when she calls out mental health myths that are making the rounds on social media. 

2. Pause for perspective

As a queer affirmative, patriarchy deconstructing, autopilot offsetting team of mental health therapists, Pause for Perspective is doing some phenomenal work in bringing awareness around different mental health issues. 

Their content is a mix of short mental health exercises, information-rich posts, and, well, sometimes, memes. A true mental health professional is open-minded and inclusive, and Pause for Perspective does exactly that with their practices and workshops.

3. Mariwala Health


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Fighting the battle of inequality and poor access to health care, the Mariwala Health Initiative works on making mental health care accessible to marginalised communities. Their Instagram documents the incredible work they’ve done in empowering these vulnerable communities and playing a role in the conversation of equality for all. They share valuable information on how you can cope and eventually thrive as an individual in a marginalised group.

4. The Mind Clan

The ultimate mental health resource in India, Mind Clan is an initiative that helps you find the right inclusive therapist. They have an extensive list of mental health therapists with specialisations in different problem areas and schools.

If you are new to the idea of therapy and mental health care, their profile is the perfect starting point. Begin with their informative posts for mental health dummies. 

5. Rhea Gandhi 


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Just like the name suggests, Decolonizetherapy’s Instagram breaks the norm and helps tear down years of patriarchy and colonisation rooted in our minds. We are often unaware of their influence, but all of us have fallen prey to patriarchal and colonial thoughts. 

Her posts explain in detail certain situations where the majority of us display this form of thinking and how we can correct ourselves in such situations. It’s often hard to identify these patterns in ourselves, and that is when Rhea comes to the rescue. 

6. Sonali Gupta

Sonali Gupta can help you better understand mental health. Her content is different from other influencers out there and talks about burnout, work-life balance, and other life-related concerns

Apart from being a mental health influencer, she is an author and Clinical Psychologist. clinical psychologist. Her book, Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear, can especially be useful for creators in identifying how anxiety can be triggered at work, in relationships, and by social media.

4 more mental health influencers to follow

Our next 4 content creators may not have an academic background in mental health, but their work, expertise, and knowledge are more than sufficient. 

7. FeelJoy


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FeelJoy.In is a well-being consultancy with a team of experienced consultants who give people the easiest solution to their problems. They use their Instagram to discuss surprising mental health benefits and how to create a healthy routine.

Their one-liner quotes and tips related to mental health strike a deep note and open you to different perspectives.

8. Mansi & Richa


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Mansi & Richa are mental health professionals who know how to make people live better lives. Their wellness session can inspire you to take care of your mental health and help build emotional mastery to strengthen mindfulness in your life.

9. Akanksha Bhatia


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Akanksha Bhatia uses her Instagram to talk about her experience of dealing with anxiety at 16, and how a person feels when dealing with depression and anxiety. 

10. Jay Shetty


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Not in India, but of Indian descent, Jay Shetty needs no introduction. The English author, former monk, and life coach is ruling the internet with his insightful and thought-provoking content. He is one of the favourite mental health influencers of Gen Z and Gen X because his content is highly insightful and centres around success in life, mistakes to avoid in life, and the best exercises to get better sleep, leaving you with those a-ha moments.

Give your mental health  a boost and check out these influencers 

That’s it, folks! 

Those were the 10 mental health influencers who can help with some major TLC. Tap follow for wholesome mental health. 

And if you’re finding it hard to balance social media and mental health, swing by here. We created a whole guide for you. 

Until we meet again, keep creating and just Do Your Thng.