What is highly essential for running an effective influencer marketing campaign?  Data. 

The data might be about the number of impressions a post made or the number of likes it gained or the engagement it received, or even the stats you consider during intelligent influencer discovery.

But it remains pivotal to running a successful campaign. However, for it to work, you need data transparency.

Why are data-driven influencer marketing campaigns important?

One, data helps understand the goals and agenda of both the brand and the creator. That tells you if these goals align.

Two, it plays a crucial role in predicting results and analysing the ROI of the campaign.

Three, it allows you to analyse the efficiency of the influencer content by the influencer and make tweaks if and when necessary. 

Okay, but what do you mean by data transparency?

Think of it this way.

Why do we measure our knowledge through exams and grades? Because it tells us how much we’ve learned, and how much more we can learn.

This is exactly what data does for influencer campaigns. It empowers you to track progress, measure successes or failures. 

Having said that, it would be pointless if this data isn’t shared. When creators hide their stats or even manipulate them, campaigns fall flat. And that’s what we mean by data transparency. 

How do you run a data-driven influencer campaign?

This brings us to the next question. Most of the data that is vital for influencer marketing – reach, impressions, post engagement, audience demographics, average traffic to a website per post, or conversions – is not accessible to a brand. 

These numbers are shared by the creators, and you have to trust that they are genuine and not inflated. But trust is not easily earned, particularly given the history of bots and fake followers among mega-influencers.

So, how does a brand plan and execute a data-driven influencer marketing campaign? The answer is with an AI-powered platform. 

An influencer marketing platform requires content creators to link their social profiles to their app. Therefore, all the analytics and insights that are available to the creator’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook are also available on the platform.

That means when you want to search for content creators for a campaign, you can access every fact, figure and number in real-time. And that’s not it:

  • The AI of the platform adds its own intelligent layer by vetting each creator for bot activity and fake followers. 
  • It also combs through previous campaigns and past content to ensure brand-creator synergy.
  • After a campaign, the platform offers analytics that measure key metrics.

The power of data-driven campaigns

The gist? 

Influencer marketing platforms like Do Your Thng hand you data transparency on a platter. With transparency every step of the way, you can run a successful data-driven influencer marketing campaign without breaking into a sweat. 

Data is just one side of the influencer marketing coin

Data can make or break campaigns. Consider this as an immutable fact. But it is just one facet. The other is a human touch. 

Influencer marketing wouldn’t have risen to such heights or caused such a brouhaha without the human element. It’s a creator’s ability to understand the unique needs of a community and reach them through their approachable content that makes influencer campaigns work. 

This human touch, backed with transparent data, becomes the holy grail of marketing. 

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