Is your blog not attracting enough targeted traffic? Are you trying to find fresh ideas and creative content for your blog? If the answer is heck yes, then this article is for you! 

How bloggers can create content that brings in targeted traffic?

Starting a blog is quite challenging. However, maintaining the blog and your credibility among readers is far more difficult. Authentic and attractive content is the key to building a network of loyal audiences. 

But for that you need ideas. Ideas that float around us in a vast ocean of possibilities. However, you need to notice these ideas. Only then you can start writing blogs that bring readers again and again. That’s the magic box we open today.

1.   Look around for an appealing theme or topic

Blog topics need to be appealing and engaging. For that, you need to know about readers’ problems. That means the topic has to be a solution or informational and not inspirational.

Although inspirational blogs are also a good idea, they’re less read than informative one. Plus, educational posts help you attract an audience willing to sign up for your blog.

Here’s how you find an appealing topic: 

  •   Join Facebook groups: Users often post their problems and queries here. Scroll through the posts in the group to find out what issues they are facing and what they are searching for related to your niche.
  •   Search on Pinterest: You can check pins on Pinterest based on your territory. Pick ideas from pins with the most saves.
  •     BuzzSumo: Bloggers do not sleep on BuzzSumo. Even the free version is godsend. Search topics based on your expertise. Then compare which topic has the most engagement on which platform and then start writing.
  •   Analyse fellow bloggers: See what content and posts other bloggers are writing and select the one with the highest numbers of comments and shares. When you’re writing make sure your blogger is better than the competitors, else the idea will fail. Also, pick bloggers in a similar niche as yours.
  •   Read comments on your blog post: Always browse through comments on your old posts. Audiences often leave questions and queries in comments. Use them to spark an idea. 
  •     Check Quora: Quora is an excellent way to find out what people want to know. Find questions connected to your content and then get creating!

2.   Write highly shareable posts 

What makes people share blogs? When it’s easy to understand and readable. That’s why editing matters a lot when it comes to blogging.

  •   Use apps like Grammarly to edit. Even the free version will do wonders.
  •   Properly format the blog with short paragraphs, bullet points and white spaces to make it easy to read.
  •     Divide your content into headings and subheadings.
  •     And always maintain the flow of the article. 

3.   Use different types of popular posts

Experiment with content. Look to current trends on social media for ideas. It will boost targeted traffic to your blog. Here are some ideas for reference:

  •   Round-up Posts: collaborate with other bloggers in your niche or one that is complementary. Ask for their opinion on a particular piece of content. Invite them for an interview, video feature, or to co-author a blog.
  •   Lists Posts: 7 Ideas For X. 23 Ways to YYou know those listicle blogs? They work. Gorgeously. Why do they attract more targeted traffic? Because when people manage to start something they’re more inclined to finish it.

What does that mean? That our minds don’t like unfinished tasks. So, readers are pulled in, making them read the entire post.

  • How-to Posts: These are the most popular among readers because they benefit the audience. But if you’re planning to write one, make sure it’s a little different from usual.

4.   Work towards improving the quality of content

Spare some time out from your schedule to focus solely on writing. This will keep you centred and help enhance the quality of the content.

  •   Utilize the time to conduct research and write an in-depth blog.
  •   Try to add rich information by communicating your expertise and inserting relevant facts. 
  •  Authenticate your blog by mentioning useful links. These links may be from your previous posts or popular sites. This way, your blog gets more subscribers and shares. 

The lowdown on getting targeted traffic to blogs

A successful blog isn’t easy to write. It takes a lot of time, hard work and patience. Work your way down through this list of ideas and soon your blog will have a steady stream of targeted traffic! And that will lead to brand collaborations.