One thing Instagram has taught us is that fashion is personal. You don’t have to follow a trend just because everybody is doing it. You wear what you want to wear. You wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, beautiful or powerful. That’s why when we sat down to look for fashion influencers redefining the game, we didn’t look at the usual ones.

We’ve done that with the like of  Sakshi Sindwani, Thatbohogirl, Siddharth Batra, and Masoom Minawala Mehta. This time we discovered creators redefining fashion fearlessly. Creators who unapologetically express themselves. We are here for them, cheering from behind our screens and you should too!

Fashion influencer 1: Aryaki Joon

Trendy and bold, Aryaki Joon loves experimenting with her outfits. She rocks oversized shirts like it’s nobody’s business. Aryaki radiates self-love and constantly talks about being happy and loving herself, and her self-portraits communicate exactly that. 

She has outfits for every aesthetic, and her “dark academia” is one of our favourites! 

Fashion influencer 2:  Dheeraj Reddy

Stop reading and just go through Dheeraj Reddy’s profile and then come back here. He is too cool for school. He might just be posting “outfit pix and stuff” (as he very clearly mentions in his bio). 

However, Dheeraj is clearly leaving a stylishly dressed mark in the influencer fashion game. Apart from running his own ethically sourced, hand-woven and conscious clothing, Dheeraj has also worked with some of the biggest fashion brands. 

His content only leaves us wanting more, but Dheeraj sure knows how to pace it out. 😉 

PS: Have you seen his jewellery game? 

PPS: Have you seen his nail game?! 

Fashion influencer 3: Diksha Rawat

A queen. Diksha Rawat is a queen. She says, “she makes videos and obsesses over dogs.” We say we obsess over her videos. We swoon over how effortlessly she pulls off any look.

Going to a party? She has a killer outfit for it. In a boho mood? She has the perfect fit for it. 

Lazy day? She has a lazy (but trendy) look for the day. Feeling cute? She definitely has a cutesy look for it too!

Her talent to effortlessly ease in and out of different types of looks is why we call her a queen

Fashion influencer 4: Vishnu Kaushal

Now we know that everyone is very well aware of the fact that Vishnu Kaushal is funny AF. But did you know his outfits are fly AF too? 

Check out Vishnu’s second account to dreamily look at his exceptional fits and thirsty reels. Imagine a guy who sings, is really funny and has a killer style? The dream guy, right? Well, Vishnu is that guy. We can’t help but have a huge crush on him, TBH. 

Fashion influencer 5: Akshay Arora

We already found our dream guy. But imagine if that dream guy cooks too! That is Akshay Arora. He aces his outfit game as effortlessly as he aces at his cooking game. The way Akshay manages to pull off bold colours and just have fun with different colour palettes through outfits speaks volumes of his boldness and creativity.

These young brilliant fashion influencers are changing the game, and we, at Do Your Thng, cannot be prouder of everything they fearlessly stand up to. They simply do their thng, and you should too. 😉