Before social media became the beast it is today, the content was unfiltered, unedited, and raw. Then came influencer marketing and the quality of content began to matter. 

Why? Because influencer content doesn’t just appear on a brand’s social feed. It may also be used on other digital touchpoints, like the website. This upped the stakes. 

Nonetheless, most brands put content on the back burner. For them, it was a numbers game. Rather than chasing quality content (and the engagement it brings), they ran after follower count. 

And that gave birth to one of the thorniest challenges in influencer marketing – brands struggling to partner with creators that produce good content. More often than not brands ended up collaborating with creators who didn’t suit. Since the content didn’t hit the mark, it led to failed campaigns. 

Content approval irons over this wrinkle. 

What is content approval in influencer marketing campaigns?

Content approval is not about stifling creator creativity. It is simply a layered system in influencer marketing campaigns that helps brand safety. 

Each creator shares their content with the team before it is published on any social network. The brand provides feedback on the content and asks for edits (or approves it immediately). This process ensures that the content a brand pays for is of the standard they expect and in synergy. 

There is one more tier in content approval: pre-approval. Here, the brand gives the green light to a content concept or script before the creator even produces the actual Reel, Story, video, or image. Pre-approval reduces the time and effort both the brand team and creator spend on a campaign. 

What to check for during creator content approval?

Is there anything worse than a glaring spelling mistake in a post caption? Well, maybe off-brand lingo or sub-par content. These are things you need to watch out for during content approval:

  • Is the content piece on brand?
  • Does the content meet your quality criteria?
  • Does it stick to the campaign brief and the dos and don’ts?
  • Is it free of politically incorrect, insensitive or obscene remarks or lingo?
  • Is the grammar correct (keep an eye out for spelling mistakes, but don’t change deliberate errors like #errything instead of #everything)?

Why is content approval crucial to influencer marketing?

Obviously, content approval guarantees that each piece of content is in line with the campaign brief. But more than that, it minimises the risk to the brand, empowering them to stay on top of their marketing game. 

Besides brand safety, using content approval streamlines communication. You don’t end up with messy email chains and chaotic back and forth. It also enforces a more transparent collaboration. 

Content approval in influencer marketing with DYT

It is time to stop considering influencer marketing campaigns as afterthoughts because the ripples of even a trivial mistake reach far and wide. Your campaign briefs have to be more thorough, and no matter how dull and tedious it may seem, reviewing each piece of content is vital. 

Let us paint you a picture. 

Say you run a campaign with 100 content creators. Every creator provides you with 2 posts and 4 Instagram stories. For the brand team, it means sifting through hundreds of email trails and reviewing 600 content pieces. At the least. 

Manually keeping track of all the content (and all the subsequent revisions, if necessary) becomes a Herculean task. With DYT, you can streamline the process. 

DYT Brand Panel

All the creators and the content they submit is centralized. You can easily see which ones are approved, rejected, or pending. The platform also makes examining the content and providing feedback effortless. And you can do all this at scale in minimum time.

Want to see what a stress-free influencer marketing campaign looks like? Head over to our site and run a free demo campaign from your very own brand panel.