Well, well, well, if it is not that time of the year! We are past Dussehra, and we are all waiting for the grandest festival to be celebrated in the North of India – which means it is also the holiday season. Holidays = People sitting at home = More time to be active on social media. If this ain’t a gala for a content creator, I don’t know what it is. And that means taking advantage of these festive season content ideas for creators now!

Festive season content ideas for creators

This is the perfect time to prepare a bank of content and start posting more frequently than you usually do. Now before you put that frown on your face, not all your content has to be festival related

One is enough. If you can do more, even better. This is the perfect timing to gain more followers and grow.

A quick note before we dive in. Our heartfelt apologies for not including all the different types of creators, but we hope the message is delivered. 

Content ideas for beauty creators

Try festive looks – clothes, makeup, accessories. And if you can do a complete look, who’s stopping you?

If you can collaborate with brands, go for it. If you can’t, give them a shoutout and get their attention.

Festive content for food creators

This is literally a thriving season for food bloggers and creators. Create some content on different types of food in different regions of the country, create a healthier version of them, give details, history, anything and everything you can do.

Seasonal content for travel creators

Places to visit, places with historical or mythological values. Places where Diwali (then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and finally New Year) is celebrated differently. There is a ton travel creators can do. 

Ideas, ideas and more ideas for fitness creators

When the world is bingeing on both food and drinks for weeks on end, you can shine. Talk about moderation or how followers can stay on an easy regime even during all the festivities.

A surge of content for comic creators

Do you even need any tips? From the time of Diwali cleaning to the departure of guests, you have ample comedy to extract. Our Indian households never hold back on comic creators. Just ensure you don’t overdo it.

For all creators

Gifts can be a niche for any creator. Come up with unique ideas for gifting and go for it.  Collaborate with other creators, try giveaways.

Tips when working on these festive season content ideas for creators

Prepare all the content, complete with editing, hashtags, and captions, beforehand, so that during the crucial 5 days of our festive content creating mission, all you have to do is upload.

In short, be a busy bee but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You can, of course, choose to take a break and spend this time on yourself and your loved ones. Don’t do it because you have to. 

Let the diyas of your creativity burn and light up this Diwali on social media.

For those keeping safe this festive season and practising an abundance of caution, we applaud you. Here’s how to host a virtual Diwali party.