Brands are coming to an understanding of the power that paid media campaigns can offer. They are an amazing way to help boost your brand, with multiple pros.

You can reach your next pool of customers with precise targeting and actionable insights. Turn any social media post into an ad instantly. Keep a tight control on ad spend and fit the marketing goal into any budget.

More than that, you can deeply understand paid media performance, learn what works and improve what doesn’t. But all of this requires data-driven influencer campaigning.

There are two keywords here – influencers and data-driven. The importance of the latter we’ve spoken about here and here. It’s the former we focus on now. 

Paid media campaigns: by the people, for the people

The best way to run a paid media campaign is through the upstanding citizens of the social networks: creators.

It’s been some time since influencers took the world by storm and forced advertising to do a 180 flip. Since then, there has been no looking back. Marketers all over the world have acknowledged their power and are already tapping it. 

Where the campaigning situation gets tricky

You see, the thing about paid campaigns is that brands, that is you, want them to be in alignment with all in-house advertisements. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you have to understand that creators are not on your payslip. 

It’s a give and take relationship. You don’t hire creators. You collaborate with them. What does that mean? Give them dos and don’ts and pointers on what you would like. However, don’t take away their right to use their creativity and style. 

Content creators don’t wake up one day and become influencers. They work on their own unique style, and this unique style gets them their audience. Expecting them to stick to the narrow limits of your campaign brief and let their own creativity be on the back burner would backfire. 

Tips on ensuring paid media campaigns have the maximum effect

Let creators have creative freedom. Take a step back and watch what they can come up with and how they execute it. You never know, it just might surprise you. Also, keep in mind that every high-quality piece of content from a creator can be reused as paid media. 

Look into data but don’t let it lead you. It is necessary to do your research and ensure that creators hit the right lines and target audiences. Nevertheless, don’t let data be the hardcore leader of what the content should do.

The balance of intelligence and creativity in paid media campaigns

It’s a tightrope walk. You can neither ignore creativity nor can you omit data from any paid campaign. The best advice is to use data-driven influencer discovery. 

If you can rely on an AI platform that looks through the stats, numbers and figures of each creator before shortlisting them. Once you have a group of creators in mind, analyse the style, quality, and creativity of their past content. It’ll help pinpoint which creators have brand synergy.

This way, you include the science and the art of digital marketing.