Getting started as a micro-influencer can be tough.

Finding your voice, figuring out what performs well with your audience, growing on the platform, can seem like a lot, especially when you’ve just begun.

But we’ve got the answers for you. 

Go on… Keep reading for them.

3 tips to get started as a micro-influencer

First things first, let’s understand who a micro-influencer is.

Anybody with 10,000 to 50,000 followers on any social media channel who works with brands for marketing campaigns is a micro-influencer. 

Now let’s say you already have a few thousand followers on your Instagram. What’s next? How do you scale and become an influencer? 

Be yourself! Fearlessly, unapologetically. 

There is no shortcut to growing on Instagram. Influencers often think they have to be like the others, post content similar to the bigger influencers, or follow a set pattern.

But no; if you do this, your voice gets lost in the chaos. To authentically grow, you need to find your niche. Produce content that is true to you. Find what works for you and your audience. Remind yourself who you are and why you are doing this.

At an early stage, it can be hard to be confident in yourself when everybody out there is so confident. But remember, building confidence in you takes time, and it can only happen when you truly and actively start valuing your mind, body and heart. 

Be eager! Grab every opportunity you get.

Grab any opportunity you can. As an aspiring micro-influencer, you should work with any brand offer that comes your way as long as they suit your content style.

Grabbing every little opportunity is highly crucial at this point. Be flexible with your collaborations. Don’t automatically say no to barter collaborations. They might give your account a great reach.

And as a micro-influencer, increasing your reach (linked article has great tips), followers, and engagement should be the number one priority. Once they do, incentives and payments will come. 

Also, be willing to go the extra mile. Put in more work than requested. If you were asked to put one post, put a story and a post. Push the post to increase its impressions. This way brands are more than satisfied with your efforts and will choose to come back and work with you.

Be organised and ready for anything

Always be ready with a media kit. It tells brands everything about you without wasting too much time since it has your social numbers, and the best of your content.

To understand better why creators need a media kit, read this blog. And you’ll start working on a kit right away.

Additionally, always be quick on your toes with ideas and make sure to know your numbers really well. Transparency with brands builds a trusted relationship between you and them. 

The crux on becoming a micro-influencer

Starting out as a micro-influencer is not easy, especially when the creator community is growing at warp speed. To start your journey, head to our app and find the right course to learn how to start off as a micro-influencer. And if you need more tips, hop over here.