What if you could time travel back to 2005? You were probably a school-going kid who dreaded homework, loved summer holidays, or maybe you were in the primes of your youth – on the brim of your college life, looking forward to becoming independent. No matter what phase of life 2005 is reminiscent of for any of us, there is one thing that was probably common for most of us – none of us could have thought in our wildest dream that making videos could generate a stream of income. This was until YouTube made an appearance and changed our lives forever, for the better, of course!  

Not only could one now make money by creating videos, but they could also live the life of their dreams! The advent of YouTube was nothing less than a breath of fresh air that enabled creators to live the life of their dreams, and that brought respite by banishing the age-old beliefs that limited the idea of success to 9-5 jobs or to every parent’s dream profession for their children – Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher. 

How to succeed as a YouTuber  

YouTube amassed amazing success within a very short span of time and those who cashed in on the demand by being one of the first movers to create YouTube content reaped the sweetest fruit from the revelation that YouTube is. With time, as the audience base grew, the number of creators, too, saw an exponential rise. The trend became even more apparent after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic as people had more time to kill, as they had to explore their true passion.  

The supply of content has quite successfully caught up with the demand, so much that it is now safe to say that it may now even be in excess of demand for content. With so many people transitioning to content creation, now more than ever, how can you, as a budding creator, make your mark on YouTube? The answer is fairly straightforward – by carving a niche for yourself. How do you do that? You find a field where your passion meets the unmet or potential demand.  

Let’s take you through some of the top creator Niches on YouTube to simplify the process for you –  

 Vlogs – Logs are the video version of your daily journal. They are a visual depiction of the highlights of your day – Did you hop on the bandwagon to get those bangs that were your biggest regret the next second? Or did you throw a surprise party for your best friend’s birthday? Or did you adopt a pet? Did you go on a long drive and end up watching the most beautiful, starry night ever? Was it your first time going to a beach? Whatever it was, just know that the audience loves to see the most raw and unfiltered version of your life, and who better to show it to them than yourself? Research shows that the popularity of Vlogs has increased manifold post the pandemic and it only makes sense to make the most out of this latest buzz! 

Ayurveda and DIY – We can all agree that none of us wanted the Pandemic, but if we have to name on the good that has come out of it, then it has to be our much-needed acquaintance with the realization that most of the things that we do not really need a lot to live a fulfilling life, and that the most effective remedies for most odds can be found within our homes – from homemade kadhas that have the Vedas lending credence to their effectiveness in curing ailments – to the glass bottle emerged is a gracious host to those little plants that we could harbor in the nooks and corners of the house. So, if you were a school-time “Best out of waste” champion, you should probably contemplate starting a YouTube channel.     

Gaming channels – Gaming is also one of the YouTube segments that emerged as a favorite of the audience post-pandemic. With people turning to games to kill time and to combat stress (Courtesy: Pandemic), the demand for gaming channels showcasing compilations of great gaming moments, play-offs, live streams, and reviews. If you were the cheat code geek everyone came up to for some coveted San Andreas cheat codes, this is your sign to go start a YouTube channel!  

Beauty and personal care – This is one of the most consistently well-performing content categories on YouTube that has given some of the biggest beauty moguls to the beauty industry – after all, there’s rarely anyone who does not know who Huda Kattan is. The category is vast and includes content featuring product reviews, try-ons, make-up and skincare hauls, make-up tutorials, and so much more. You! Yes, we’re talking to you – stop beating yourself up for being big on spending on those make-up palettes and serums, and do yourself a favor by starting that YouTube channel ASAP. 

Cooking – Do all your friends turn to you for your secret butter chicken recipe? Do you always find yourself standing in the kitchen because everyone can’t have enough of your amazing food? If that sounds like you, please know that your soul gratifying recipes could get you famous, really famous. Cooking is one of the most popular categories on YouTube because of one simple fact – they are extremely satisfying to watch. They are not just limited to channels that showcase fancy cooking, but also extend to restaurant and food outlet reviews, eating competitions and so much more!  

That’s all for the top creator niches on YouTube. If these niches, or any other, happen to strike a chord with you, we encourage you to please contemplate starting a YouTube channel. After all, you will never know what’s in store for you until you give it a try!