How does an influencer marketing campaign commence? Quite intuitively, it begins with influencer outreach. But more importantly, it begins with effective communication. It is the first and unarguably the most vital step of a campaign. On it rests the likelihood of success. With that as backdrop, we walk you through the etiquettes of communicating with influencers.

Dos and don’ts to practice when communicating with influencers

When adhered to, the best practices for communicating with influencers provide most of the insurance any campaign needs for success. So, let’s begin with what a brand should do during influencer outreach.

The Dos

1. Communicate using emails

Unless specifically highlighted by the influencer, use only emails for communication. A well-drafted, clear and concise email is the most effective starting point. Avoid using DMs to reach out to influencers, unless they specifically mention it as their preferred mode of communication or if you have been unsuccessful in getting your hands on their email address despite sufficient research.

2. Keep the communication transparent

The email must contain all the necessary guidelines pertaining to the campaign at hand and lay out all the relevant details and deliverables. Make it clear and transparent. Any ambiguity, especially related to deliverables and remuneration, is a big no as it can lead to chaos later.

Send all responses and follow-ups within 24-48 hours. It maintains the continuity and flow of communication, building a better partnership.

3. Be trusting and friendly

Always keep in mind that the person at the receiving end is also a human being. Sure, it is extremely important to be professional, but politeness and amiability are valuable tenets.

Also, while we emphasise on being clear on the campaign brief, offer some creative freedom to the creator. After all, they have years of experience creating content and have the best idea about what works for their audience. Leeway will ensure they promote your brand while keeping their authenticity intact.

4. Keep an open mind

Be flexible enough to welcome and accommodate any inputs that the creator may have on the brief shared. Just as importantly, keep an open mind when discovering influencers. Don’t limit your search on keyword-based matches or demographics. Look for personality fits and your brand reach will widen.

The Don’ts

1. Avoid campaign changes unexpectedly

As we said before, lay down all the terms and conditions fairly and squarely. That also means not to ask creators to do things that have not been mutually agreed upon at the very beginning of the campaign.  It is unfair to revise the existing or to add new deliverables in the middle of a campaign. All it does is build unnecessary confusion and animosity between you and the creator.

2. Avoid specific deliverables for gifted product/service

For campaigns that included gifted products or services, it is unreasonable to expect creators to adhere to specific briefs. Don’t demand prior content approval. It reflects poorly on your ethics. Leave it up to the creator. It’s their prerogative what type of content they want to publish in such campaigns.

Collaborating with creators for brand campaigns can be an exciting venture. Having said that, influencer outreach is not simple. Following these etiquettes of communicating with influencers does help. But an even easier path is to use a platform that automates the process for you!