When we started the Monday to Saturday (M2S) series, we had just realised that people make a company. After COVID-19 hit, this inherent truth was hammered in further. So, here’s us introducing you to another pivotal human behind Do Your Thng.

Getting To Know Another Person Of DYT: Simran

This M2S has been a long time coming and is very fortuitous, as today marks the first day she’s actually worked from office. When you join the team on the day of the 2020 lockdown, that’s bound to happen. 

Say aloha to Simran. 

She is a card-carrying member of the creator community and the accidental brand ambassador of our app. A team member second, she is first and foremost a creator to us and the one who inspired #DYTPolaroids.

Feeling her vibe?

Moving right along, here are a few things about her to get you acquainted…

Her Official Designation

If official designations were a thing in influencer media kits, Simran Anand’s would say Senior Brand Executive.

Her Unofficial & Much More Important Position

Some know her as the Friday Meeting Host who makes it the most fun (a badge she wears with pride), and others as Mata Rani (you really don’t want to know the story behind this). 

But for most, she is “aap toh kamaal hi ho Simran.”

Her Monday Face

Mondays for Simran are a complicated cocktail of crankiness, numbness, and main nahi yaar. We feel you, Simran. We feel you.

As a team member rightly said, your face is a “physical representation of the statement death hi ho gayi.” 

Her Saturday Face

Monday may be the day she drags her carcass to the office (or laptop screen). But on Saturdays, her energy is thriving and at ?. Why? Because extra sleep. 

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness hasn’t met Simran. She is proof that a few more hours of Zzz can definitely rent it!

Simran, if you’re reading this, we’d like to know: why does someone think your Saturday mood is best described as “It’s raining men… Hallelujah!?

What’s Her Bread + Butter?

Social media. Chai. Paranthe (that she cooks and are rumoured to be delicious). Chai. Appreciation. Chai. 

And some more chai. It’s a required food group. Get between her and her daily cup at your own peril. 

What The Team Thinks About Her?

As one of the rare people who is in touch with every team, from finance to tech, she’s 60% DYT, 20% brand deals, and 20% memes on “ye toh nahi ho payega.”

Simran is hard-working, smart, meticulous, and efficient. (But so are we #humblebrag). It’s her multitasking and there’s-no-stopping attitude that leaves us gobsmacked. Challenged with new tasks every week or month, she lives up to every one of them.

What The Team ‘Really’ Thinks About Her?

People are onions. Peel off a layer, and you’ll find a whole new personality underneath. Apparently, the layers of Simran are diverse. 

Where one person says a heartfelt “every company should have a person like her,” another sarcastically quips, “do we need a ticket to see this museum exhibit?”

But at her core, lies a master Sarojini Nagar bargainer, who can negotiate with brands and creators like a pro. 

What She Brings To Do Your Thng?

We can exhaust an ocean of ink on what Simran brings to DYT. A pillar of the team, she’s the bridge that makes the entire experience more fun.

As a creator, her suggestions, ideas, and on-the-fly remarks have done wonders in growing the app. As a team member, she’s the brains behind DYT Academy courses, the person who keeps the DYT culture super chill and, with her mata rani ki kripa, safe.

What DYT Brings To Her?

In Simran’s words, “working at DYT has made me more confident and taught me how to constantly flip the switch on my working style from creator to professional.”

Being part of the team also showed her the other side of the table, one occupied by brands, giving her insider knowledge and schooling her on creator etiquettes. 

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