It took time for Instagram Reels to go viral. But viral they did go, and there’s no stopping them now. Part of the success is that Instagram timed the launch perfectly, with the ban of TikTokSince Reels were launched in July last year, Instagram’s downloads increased by 11.4%! So, seriously, does it surprise anyone that the Meta Group (aka Facebook) introduced Reels for Facebook?

Why was Facebook Reels launched?

With Instagram becoming the water cooler of choice for young adults and teenagers, Facebook is in its sunset years. Yes, it still stands as the largest social media platform in the world. 

But for how long?

Gettin’ the picture? The powers-to-be want to revive Facebook with a feature that everyone loves: short-form videos that are engaging, fun and addictive. So, they started Reels on Facebook in the US, Canada, India, and Mexico.

Imagine, a feature that is bound to go viral being used in the world’s biggest social media platform. Yes. It’s going to be huge!

So, the question is: are you using Facebook Reels yet? If not, here’s how you start. 

How to create Facebook Reels?

The process of creating Reels on Facebook is very similar to the process of creating Reels on Instagram. You can record one clip at a time or the entire video all at once. 

  • You’ll find the Reels section on your Feed (Facebook’s home page, FYI).
  • Once you enter Reels, tap on Create. 
  • Or you can simply tap on the camera button in the top-right corner when viewing a Reel. 
  • To add videos, press the record button in the centre of your screen. 
  • You can also add pre-recorded videos by tapping on the photo icon in the lower-left corner of your screen. 

Just like Instagram, you have all the features to make your Reel pop: text, music, effects, and shoot with a timer. You can find them on the left-side panel and edit your Reel however you want.

Write an engaging Reel description

The next step is to write an engaging description or include more information about your Reel in the description. Don’t sleep on the description. Why? Because the short duration of Reels is often not enough to tell your viewers the whole story. 

Instead, you can use your description to walk them through the context or larger picture. Plus, it’s a fun way to let your audience engage with your content. 

You should know this about Facebook Reels

The default setting of Facebook Reels is public if you are 18 years or older. Why? Because it opens you up to a broader audience (a fantastic benefit for new creators) since they also appear on the newsfeed of your friends. However, you can also choose an audience for your Reel when posting them. 

Another great new feature is that, if you have a public account on Instagram, you can directly share your Instagram Reels to Facebook while posting on Instagram itself. 

The gist on using Reels on Facebook to engage followers

We know for creators, Instagram is the main playground, but Facebook still has some major pull. With the launch of Reels, you can make the most of it. Remember, when you use new features, the algorithm prioritises your content

Moreover, Reels are a fun way to show your personality and hook in new followers. And when Facebook decides to monetise them (it already has in the US), you’ll be ready!

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating and Do Your Thng!