How many of you saw the title and thought, “Wow, that sounds a bit… uh… uncanny, maybe?

We bet a lot of you. 

Let’s be honest. Initially, it can be difficult to achieve stability of income with Instagram, and micro-influencers often find themselves supplementing their income from content creation with other, more stable sources of income.

That said, you can turn creating content on Instagram into a lucrative, full-time source of income.

Create a brand for yourself

One of the most common misconceptions around growing as a creator is that all you need to achieve it is a public account. While that’s inarguably the starting point, it alone is not sufficient to guarantee success as a creator. 

What is really required is posting content regularly, engaging with the audience, unique captions, fun stories and more. In short, establishing a brand for themselves over time.

Your Instagram profile should reflect who you are – your ideas, creativity, beliefs, ethics, and everything else that you stand for, everything that makes you, you. 

FYI, we’ve written about how to become an influencer here, here, and here. Read them.

Content is king

The fact that the quality of content you create is supreme in determining success and longevity as a creator has always and will always remain true.

  • Invest time and resources in creating content that resonates with your audience. 
  • Work towards enhancing the quality and authenticity of your content.
  • Make your story telling more engaging. 
  • Constantly upgrade photography and videography tools and keep abreast of how to use the latest technologies for filming and editing content.

For instance, if you are into make-up, then you must invest in the products and tools that are trending on the market. For a travel influencer, it is necessary to invest time and resources into exploring different parts of the world. 

Similarly, the importance of being professional in your dealings with brands, engaging with your audience, being punctual in posting content, personalising captions, etc., cannot be emphasised enough to turn your Instagram into a full-time career.

Diversify your social media portfolio

The adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” applies to almost all aspects of life, and your social media portfolio is no different. In today’s time, it is no surprise for a peak to turn into a trough in no time. 

Remember when it was uncool to not be on Orkut? Or when there was no Facebook and MySpace ruled the social media landscape? No? 

Then, do you remember the time when one had to be on Snapchat to stay relevant? Or when TikTok got banned?

It is the norm for social media to be overthrown by other, better platforms over a period of time. So, while we advise keeping Instagram as your main platform, always have a presence on others, such as Pinterest, blogs, YouTube. It safeguards you against the inevitable obsolescence of any one of them. 

Spend time socialising

Initiating connections with fellow influencers, marketers, and brands can unexpectedly acquaint you to new opportunities and can help you fast-track your way. 

The process is very similar to socialising in a workplace, the only difference being that your colleagues have moved from across the desk to behind a screen and are now a message away. 

Rely on DYT to make content creation your full-time job

It’s not easy to turn content creation on Instagram from a side hustle to a full-time job. We know. We help creators do it all the time. So, make use of these tips, and if you get stuck and are unable to reach the next rung of the ladder, rely on DYT. 

We help new and small creators grow. From courses that teach the ABCs of content creation to a place where you can chat with other influencers to brand collaborations, our app has everything you need.