We love #DecodingInstagramHandles but this one’s more like decoding a piece of art. The more it touches your soul, the better it is comprehended. Komal Pandey’s Instagram is synonymous with impeccable style, unmatched aesthetic, and the epitome of creativity.

How do you decode something so authentic, inspiring, and uncomplicated yet awe striking?

Well, we can try at least.

Decoding Komal Pandey’s Instagram for content tip for budding fashion influencers

Let’s walk through what makes Komal the ultimate fashionista, style-guru, an invincible force, and a constant source of inspiration for fashion content creators.


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Brings authenticity 

In a time when the social media landscape is evolving at a lightning-fast pace, it is easy to take a comparative approach. You follow trends, try to make something that has worked for others work for yourself, and end up losing originality in the process.

Komal doesn’t get carried away by trends. She strays away from the obvious and always creates what she resonates with the most. In fact, if anything, she has always been more of a trend-setter herself.

Her profile screams authenticity and sheer creativity. So, the trends that every creator has been tripping on lately, from layering to colour-blocking, she has done it all, and needless to say, she probably trailblazed them!

Any guesses as to who created the 5 ways to wear (any item from your wardrobe)” trend? Come on, we’ve made it easy for you!

Creativity with clothes and accessories

Find us a creator who does fashion like Komal Pandey. We’ll wait.

The style-icon never fails to impress with her choice of clothing and accessories. Anyone who follows her knows that Komal is a passionate supporter of repeating clothes. She is a firm believer in investing in statement pieces that are versatile enough to be styled in multiple ways.

So, the next time you want to buy a top and a skirt but have a budget that can only fit one of them, go buy a scarf instead. We promise you’ll be able to find a styling video on Komal’s feed to help you wear your scarf as anything you want!

Accessories are another way the creator makes kicka$$ content. A skim through her profile is enough to prove her love for grand accessories. She could be wearing earrings the size of your hand and still pull off a look that’s delicate and pleasing.

How do you do it, Komal? 

Sourcing from smaller labels

Komal sources her look from her lesser-known labels, especially when it comes to her ethnic looks. The fashion creator is certainly not big on big-fat Indian labels. But instead, curates different elements of her looks from smaller brands.

She loves to mix and match, is extremely experimental and frequently wears clothes that have been specially tailored to match her liking. For non-ethnic looks, her love for Zara is evident to anyone who loves their clothes as much as we do.

Inspiration for fashion content 

Every budding fashion and lifestyle content creator wants to know what inspires Komal Pandey. Well, we can all only take a guess. And ours is that when it comes to her western style, the fashionista seems heavily inspired by the runway looks of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, especially for Jacquemus.

That explains her love for big blazers, doesn’t it?

When it comes to her effortlessly elegant ethnic looks, the beauty seems more old-school and inspired by fashion in the ’80s, 90’s and 2000s.

Constant evolution of content style

If we were asked to name the only person who studied Darwinism, we’d say Komal Pandey. Yes, she has the advantage of being the first mover. But that doesn’t change the fact that her style has evolved like no other. While she holds some style elements dear to her (say, her love for big accessories), others have grown with time.

Real and unapologetic voice and tone

The fashionista is not just authentic in her style and taste, but also as real and unapologetically as it can get. She comes across as someone opinionated and self-dependent, yet extremely attached to her roots. Her content has inspired many to dress for themselves and always stand up for their rights.

Moving beyond lifestyle content, her posts are often about staying true to yourself and acknowledging emotions. She constantly reminds us of the power of self-love, from sharing quotes on emotional well-being on IG Stories to talking about her struggles and how she overcame them.

Finally, the fashion content creator has a strong belief system and works with brands that echo her morals and values. It is evident from the high ratio of organic to sponsored content.

That’s it on decoding Komal Pandey’s Instagram for content tips, folks!

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