Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube Live are great tools for content creators. There are no ifs and buts about it. However, typical posts take you only so far. There are times when you need a more engaging format or one that reaches more people than your usual followers.

It’s for these times, live streaming was made. And let’s not even get into the fact that since COVID-19, live sessions are the only safe option to get in touch with your community.

But we know many creators, especially those starting, feel too shy to go live. With that in mind, we give you tips and tricks to streaming live successfully on three social media platforms.

How to make the most of the Instagram Live session?

  • Yes, you can go live alone. But some company is always better. So use Live Rooms and invite 1, 2 or 3 more guests to the session.
  • Always add a title to the Live session (we tell you how here). It’ll tell people joining the live broadcast at any time what the topic is.
  • Always wait a few minutes before you start talking about the topic at hand. It’ll give more viewers time to join in.
  • Introduce yourself, your guests and then the topic.
  • Always save your Livestream and post it as a story so that more people can watch it anytime they want.

How to host a Facebook live session?

  • Schedule your live stream ahead of time. Facebook will notify your followers, increasing the chances of people attending it.
  • Make sure you are live for at least 15 minutes because the Facebook algorithm prefers viewers to watch a live session while it is broadcasted. 15 mins are enough time to reach more people.
  • To get more engagement, tell viewers to tap like if they can see and hear you properly. Ask the audience easy questions like where are they tuning in from and to write the replies in the comments. It makes the experience more enriching.
  • If you can, use tools to notify more people and groups about your Live broadcast. Send alerts on SMS, emails, websites, blogs and other social media.

How to expand the reach of YouTube Live stream?

  • Use your other socials to inform followers about your YouTube live stream in advance.
  • Ask your audience questions beforehand, prep the answers and then give them during the YouTube Live.
  • Unlike Instagram, don’t wait a few minutes before you dive into the topic. YouTube has a replay option. Any new viewers will use it, and if they encounter “dead airtime,” they’ll drop off.
  • The minute you start streaming, be energetic and vibrant. 
  • Chit-chat with the audience if you’re waiting for more people to join in.
  • Download the live stream and then publish it like a normal video on YouTube.
  • Repurpose and edit it to suit IGTV or Facebook and post it because videos are your best bet to increasing followers.

Technical Tips On Streaming Live Successfully

Some tips that apply to all social media live sessions:

  • Keep a spare mobile, tab or laptop ready in case the first one dies or stops working.
  • Keep the device completely charged and a cable by your side if the battery drains down.
  • Mobile data is not reliable and often patchy. So, use Wi-Fi when streaming. If cellular data is the only option, have a backup. 
  • Make sure the upload speed of your internet is good. A trick here is to disable all apps that run in the background.
  • Have a tripod or holder if you’re going live from a phone. It will keep the camera steady. 
  • Setup long before you are meant to go live. Check your light, test your device, and examine connectivity. So, you just have to tap the live button at the 11th hour.

Practice to get social media live streaming right

How do I look? Am I acting properly? Do I sound okay? These are questions every creator obsesses over before going live.

Don’t. Like everything else, it takes practice to live stream successfully on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube.

It may take you a few tries, but in the end, you’ll be a pro. The rule of thumb is to keep coming up with creative ideas for content and stay true to your personality. The rest will follow.


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