Aesop was damm on point when he said, “Good things come in small packages.” The craze around Instagram Reels, Reels on Facebook and the recent launch of YouTube shorts are perfect examples of this. 

As the attention span of the audience is getting shorter, videos of smaller duration are becoming more popular. However, this puts immense pressure on creators because shorter videos have less recall value. So now you have to be more active and constantly deliver quality content to stay relevant. 

Where to find ideas to create short viral videos?

Although making smaller videos takes less time, finding new themes or subjects every now and then to create content is quite challenging. And on top of that, promoting them right so that they reach the audience is another hurdle. 

Seems exhausting? Fret not! 

Here we are with some efficient tips that would skyrocket the views on your videos: 

Check your comments section 

To create a viral short-form video, you must know the real taste of your audience. You can do that by checking your comment section. Go through the comments to find out the type of post your audience values the most

Many famous influencers read and analyse the comments on their posts to get inspiration for their next video. Another tip is to keep an eye on your DMs or emails to pull out ideas for your next video.

Walk hand in hand with the latest trends

In the world of creative content, every day new trends emerge. Keep up with them to create viral short videos like these 8 trends buzzing in the social media world right now. Use trending background music or sound in your short video to attract the viewers’ attention. 

In the world of creative content, new trends emerge every day. Keep up with them to create viral short videos like these 8 trends buzzing in the social media world right now. Use trending background music or sound in your short video to attract the viewers’ attention. 

Another tip for making viral videos is to stay up to date on new features that are launched by platforms. You will get tonnes of inspiration. 

Have some face-time with your audience

Connecting with your audience face-to-face is a powerful tool to build a community. In-person or Live sessions are more informal and give a feeling of belonging and connection with your audience. 

You can answer questions or ask them when you go Live. Our hack? Schedule an Instagram live and create hype with your audience beforehand. Another idea for facetime is speaking directly to your audience through Instagram Reels

Keep it short and concise

The length of your video plays a great role in virality. Adding a gripping introduction does pull the audience, but you need to make sure to keep their attention for the whole video. 

Most people lose interest in the middle and skip to other content if a video is too long. Try to create a short, attention-grabbing piece of video content within a time frame of 15-20 seconds

However, this is not a standard length, as short-form video depends on the platform you’re using. That said, no matter what the platform is, it shouldn’t be very lengthy. Otherwise, viewers won’t feel compelled to share them with anyone. 

Add hashtags or tags 

Using the right hashtags (tags in the case of YouTube Shorts) is an effective strategy for accelerating the views on your videos. Use popular hashtags in your video and caption but don’t just use them randomly. 

They must be relevant to your video. Find the right hashtags by surveying the related trending hashtags on the search bar of the platform you’re using. 

More explainer or educational videos 

These types of videos are great value-adding content because they help audiences in their day-to-day lives. So, they have a higher possibility of getting viral. Create relatable videos which your followers can apply in their lives. One idea is videos that bring awareness to something that is not commonly shared. 

Make your audience look twice

Create a clean visual and audio loop via editing. This will impress your audience and make them want to watch your video a few more times! You can even use random, unrelated props, such as an Easter egg. Or shoot your video with an unrelated background, like individuals doing their own thing. This strategy works great for attracting the attention of the viewers.

Viral short videos: everything a creator needs to do!

Now that you know how to create a short viral video, pick your camera, hit record, click post, and watch all the views come in.

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