Way back in November, we were introduced to a new Instagram feature. It combined Feed Videos with IGTV and renamed it Instagram Video. If you are wondering why the sudden change, join the club. 

Turns out, IGTV didn’t take off as well as Instagram expected it to. Proof: we didn’t even know it had a standalone IGTV app. Apparently, less than 1% of Instagram users actually downloaded it. 

So, to make IGTV more popular and make video content more accessible, it released Instagram Video. We now take you on a journey to understand what Instagram Video is and how to make the most of it. So, strap on your seat belts. 

Stop 1: What is Instagram Video?

It is the one-stop place for all forms of video on Instagram. From long IGTV videos to shorter videos that you post on the Feed to Live videos, all can be found under the same tab. The app made a slight change to how you watch the videos. When you’re on the feed, tap anywhere on the video, and you’ll enter full-screen mode. To exit the full screen, you have two options: continue scrolling to binge some more video content or tap out. 

What’s going to happen to Reels?

They will stay separate from Instagram Video. Reels have their own tab and, as ever, you can choose if they appear on your main feed or not.

What’s the time limit for Instagram Video?

The videos uploaded on the Instagram Video app can be up to 60-minutes. These will have 60-second previews on the Feed. If you’re uploading a video that’s being promoted as an ad, called In-Stream Ads, the preview is 15 seconds.

Stop 2: New editing features with Instagram video

With Instagram Video, you can also edit your content more easily, which is why it’s a great new feature for content creators. What can you do? Trim, add filters, and tag. Here is how you can edit videos with the latest feature:

  • Tap the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner of the app. 
  • Create a video or click on the video you wish to post.  
  • Proceed to the next screen, and you’ll see the filter and trim buttons at the bottom. 
  • Choose a filter. 
  • Then tap ‘Trim’ to cut your video to the duration you want. 
  • Once that’s done, proceed to the next screen. 
  • This is the final step where you can add your description and tags.
  • Voilà! Just like that, you are ready to post!

Stop 4: A few tips to nail Instagram videos!

Keep your videos high quality

Make sure you record high-quality Instagram videos. You don’t need to buy some fancy equipment to get the highest megapixel. You simply have to make sure the camera lens of your phone or camera is clean, there is proper lighting, and there are minimal shadows. Shooting in natural light is the most effective way to increase the quality of your video. 

Additionally, also stabilise your shooting device with a tripod or something that can act as a tripod. If you are really interested in making great videos, investing in a ring light can go a long way. 

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Use the right video orientation

Before shooting for Instagram Video, it is necessary to keep in mind the device the audience will use to watch the video, i.e., mobile. So, they will most probably view it vertically. That means short form content is always better off shot vertically, as users don’t pay much attention to detail in them. However, users prefer watching long-form content horizontally in landscape mode

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Start with a hook

When scrolling on Instagram, the attention span of the users tends to be really low. If they do not like the content in the first few seconds, they will simply scroll ahead without a second thought. This is why you must start your video with a hook that will hold the attention of the audience. 

The first three seconds of the preview are vital. You have to build curiosity in the audience to watch the rest of the video. How do you do that? By solving a relatable problem, using an eye-catching clip, or quickly introducing a story. 

Use proper captions and tags

Closed captions in a video are a great alternative to catching attention. It also makes your content inclusive, ultimately lifting the limits of reach for video content. Another practice that’ll really increase your reach is using all 3 types of tags: hashtags, location tags and people tags. 

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The end of the journey on Instagram Video

That’s it, folks! There’s everything you need to know about the new Instagram feature. 

What do you think about the new update? Is it YEA! Or NAH :/?

If it’s a no, let us know in the comments why you don’t support it.

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