How To Find Audio And Music Trending On Instagram

How To Find Audio And Music Trending On Instagram

  December 25, 2021



  December 25, 2021


Do you guys also find it hard to concentrate these days? 

Thank God, ours are not the only minds hijacked by groovy Instagram music! All thanks to Instagram, we’ve all been struck by the “stuck song syndrome.” 

Music trending on Instagram has taken the entire world by storm and got everyone, from neighbourhood kids to celebrities, grooving to addictive tunes and viral dance moves. 

4 tips to look for trending Instagram Reels audio

Ever wondered what’s with all these trending audios that are literally on everyone’s Instagram Reels these days? 

The answer is simple: they can make your videos go viral. Using a trending song or audio is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of views on your content. 

Now that’s clear, we move on to the next, and most important, question. Where to find these trending songs? As a content creator, I’ve discovered these are the easiest ways to find audio or music trending on the app.

Instagram Story

Your Instagram Story upload tab is the best place to find trending audio. All you need to do is to tap on your story icon, click a random picture, go to the “Music” tab, and click on “browse”. The Instagram music store will automatically display the trending tracks at the top. We’ll let you take it from there. 

Explore Page 

Have you ever wondered how Instagram manages to give you more of the content you seem to enjoy? That’s because of its artificial intelligence-based algorithm. So it is with Instagram Reels too. Next time you find yourself scrolling through your explore page, don’t forget to check out the Reels suggested by the ‘gram, and save an audio or two! 

Another tip is to keep scrolling down the recommended Reels. You’ll end up with more trending music. 

Reels Hashtag Page 

Not sure if trending songs match the vibe of your Instagram account? You’re not alone. Not all people have the same type of accounts, and many end-up confused about the audio, song or music they should be using for their content. For instance, trending audio that is seen paired mostly with fashion content may not resonate with a food blogger’s account

Don’t fret, my friend! We’ve got you covered.

  • All you need to do is to open your explore page and type in a hashtag that is related to what you do. 
  • Say, if you run a restaurant, you can type “#foodblogger” or “#foodie”, or anything related to a restaurant on this planet. 
  • Go to the “tags” tab next. You’ll find multiple Reels related to your hashtag under the “reels” tab, and some relevant trending audio too! 

Stalk! Stalk! Stalk! 

Finding trending music does not have to be boring. Why not just do what we are infamous for doing anyway? Stalk your favourite (famous) Instagram influencer who loves to hop on to fun trends, and you’ll find heaps of trending music on their profile that you can use in your content.

Congratulations! You just hit the jackpot with a repository of trending music. You can now go and enjoy creating some fun and unique videos using trending audio.    


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