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Here’s What Went Down At The Golden Globes

This year everything has been different because of “you know who”. Some people call it the worst nightmare and some found their calling because of it. Even the Golden Globes were undeniably different because of it, but the show did go on. The 78th annual Golden Globes was truly like no other—and yet, so much […]

  March 5, 2021

The M2S Series: Say Namaste To Adesh, Test Engineer

When we started the M2S series, we had just realised that people make a company. After COVID hit, this inherent truth was hammered in further. So, here’s us introducing you to another pivotal human behind Do Your Thng. Getting To Know Person 5 Of DYT: Adesh How do you get to know a person who […]

  March 4, 2021

How Do You Calculate Your Engagement Rate?

When a brand wants to judge the “influence” of a creator, they use several metrics. The most common that every creator, small or big, knows is the follower count. Another is the number of likes and impressions achieved.  But slowly, brands are waking up to realise two things. First, that a higher following doesn’t equal […]

  March 3, 2021

4 Things You Need To Create Great Content!

Most of us often come across stunning Instagram feeds and beautiful backdrops on YouTube videos that make us think that the content creator or influencer will be spending a fair sum of money to make their content look like this. Yes, our assumption happens to be pretty accurate in most cases.    This in turn […]

  March 2, 2021

Listen Up Creators! We Have The ASCI Guidelines Simplified For You

Back in early 2019, I questioned why the influencer marketing niche in India is not regulated. In September 2020, I asked if we were on the path to making clear that ads are ads. It seems we finally have the answer.  The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has released guidelines that influencers and agencies […]


  March 1, 2021

How To Make A Good Impression With Your Instagram Bio

It is crucial to create a first impression on social media platforms if you want to be successful and attract more followers to your page. Most social media users will prefer not to revisit your social media page or account if they get a bad first impression. When that happens, you will find that it […]

  February 27, 2021

3 Effective Ways Creators Can Reach Out To Other Creators For Collaboration

Collaborating is at the very heart of creator content. Be it with brands on another creator. What is creator collaboration? When two or more content creators team up to generate content. E.g., a makeup artist and a lifestyle creator get together to create content around how to dress up for Holi.  How is a creator collaboration […]

  February 26, 2021

 3 Celebrities Who Are Promoting Small Businesses On Social Media

With so much sponsored/paid content on a daily basis on these social media platforms, you sometimes might wonder if there is anything real left. Surprisingly, there is! And this comes from Bollywood.   Yes, Bollywood, which takes the major part of influencer money in India. Where the top lot use their social media to promote […]


  February 25, 2021

Top 5 Live Streams For You To Follow

The Indian gaming industry has greatly evolved over the last few years. It is safe to assume that the popularity of mobile games is one of the major reasons for this. Mobile games offered a massive boost not just to the gaming community of the country, but also to the streaming community.    Today, you […]

  February 24, 2021

Growing As An Influencer With DYT: Simran Anand

When we started off, the only thing that we didn’t want to be was any other agency. Hence as a creator first community, our creators always come first. Period. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some incredibly talented creators, creators who work tirelessly to help others, creators who made it just at 16 and […]


  February 23, 2021