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DYT x Havells Campaign

The talk of the town today is the DYT x Havells Campaign that we did a way, way back when to promote their Valentine’s Day campaign #ThodaStyleThodaSmile. This is the story (a very short one) of how it unfolded. The #ThodaStyleThodaSmile: DYT X Havells Campaign With the Valentine’s Day campaign, Havells wished to spark a […]


  December 16, 2021

6 Common Mistakes On Instagram That You Need To Stop Making Right Now

  “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”– Orlando Battista   Is your reach on Instagram suffering? Is the number of your followers not growing? All this indicates one thing: you are not playing your cards right on Instagram. Agreed, mastering social media isn’t easy, especially in today’s period when […]


  December 15, 2021

10 Instagram Handmade Jewellery Influencers & Designers

Social media is a rabbit hole of creativity. One that tempts us to empty our bank accounts. From hand painted to wall plates to handmade jewellery, you’ll find all sorts of craftsmanship. This past week we dove into the world of handmade jewellery influencers on Instagram. While there is a long list of pages, here […]


  December 14, 2021

The M2S Series: Say Hello To Ankit Agrawal, DYT’s Founder

It’s the people who make a company. As a startup, we are waking up to the inherent truth in the saying. To introduce you to the pivotal people who make Do Your Thng, we present the M2S series. Getting To Know Person 1 Of DYT: Ankit Agarwal  The first team meeting we held at Do […]


  December 13, 2021

DYT x Klairs Campaign

The talk of the town today is the Klairs’ Campaign that we did a way, way back when. The campaign was long one in the making because we wanted authentic feedback from our creators, which obviously took time. This is the story of how it unfolded. The Skincare Campaign: DYT X Klairs Klairs, the Korean […]


  December 12, 2021

How To Get 50k Followers In One Month?

One of the questions that pops-up with the regularity of a leitmotif at Do Your Thng is “how to reach X followers in a month?”  For some creators, the number is 10,000 and for others, it is 50,000. If you take away the hard digits, the crux is how do you gain more followers – […]


  December 11, 2021

25 Tips To Get More Likes, Shares, Saves And Engagement On Social Media

Before you begin: We steer clear of bots, paid likes, bought followers, and the sundry to inflate metrics. Instead, we dab a highlighter on creating kicka$$ content. We contour around organic ways to increase engagement on three social media platforms. They said don’t worry about your follower numbers. They said it’s a vanity metric. They […]


  December 10, 2021

Where Is Influencer Marketing Headed In 2022 For Creators?

When we thought 2020 was going to be a big year for creators around the world, little did we know that 2021 was going to have 50 million people declare themselves as creators. 50 million is a huge number. It is bigger than the entire populations of Australia and New Zealand put together! But what […]

  December 9, 2021

Instagram Latest Feature On Outage Alert And Account Status: A Boon For Creators!

Remember the outage of Instagram, Facebook, and essentially the most important of all social medias a couple of months ago? Sucked, right? Especially when so many of our livelihoods depend on them, when we have to push out brand promotions and publish content that we worked super hard for and only to lose engagement. It […]

  December 8, 2021

The M2S Series: Say Hi To Dea, DYT’s Content & Community Lead

It’s the people who make a company. As a startup, we are waking up to the inherent truth in this saying. To introduce you to the pivotal people who make Do Your Thng, we present the M2S series. Getting To Know Another Person Of DYT: Dea  The first impression you get when you clap eyes […]


  December 7, 2021

3 Answers To How To Make Better Content For Social Media

This blog is the 2nd part of the ‘how to create better content’ series. For tips on images, swing by here . There are three broad parts to content: photos, videos and text. When you master them, you already know how to make better content. That’s why we gave you tips on clicking and editing […]


  December 6, 2021

6 Answers To How To Create Better Content

This blog is the first part of the ‘how to create better content’ series. It tackles photography tips. If you’re looking for video and writing tricks, then holla at the 2nd post here. As we see it, the question is not “how to become an online content creator,” it is “how to be a better content creator.” It is as […]


  December 6, 2021

Tips To Successful Live Streaming On Instagram, Facebook & YouTube

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube Live are great tools for content creators. There are no ifs and buts about it. However, typical posts take you only so far. There are times when you need a more engaging format or one that reaches more people than your usual followers. It’s for these times, live streaming was made. And […]


  December 4, 2021

Decoding Komal Pandey’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

We love #DecodingInstagramHandles but this one’s more like decoding a piece of art. The more it touches your soul, the better it is comprehended. Komal Pandey is a name that is synonymous with impeccable style, unmatched aesthetic, and the epitome of creativity. How do you decode something so authentic, inspiring, and uncomplicated yet awe striking? […]


  December 3, 2021

How To Use The Instagram Live Scheduling Feature?

What is the trickiest part about engaging with your audience on Instagram? We’ll go first. It’s interacting with your audience LIVE!  There’s just so much to be considered. Is the lighting correct? Is the placement of the camera okay? Should you wait for more for enough of an audience to show up?  Well, fret no […]


  December 2, 2021