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Current Trends on Social Media

When we talk about living in an era of constant evolution, social media is as dynamic and volatile as it can get. Trends become outdated before one even realizes and new trends emerge from nowhere overnight. While some of these trends have been almost transient, a few others have made it clear that they are […]

  August 26, 2021

Decoding Insta Handles: Ankush Bahuguna

On another episode of decoding popular social media handles, we have Ankush Bahuguna.  If you read that with a game host impersonation, YOU ARE THE MVP! First and foremost, he deserves a shoutout for being a knight of breaking toxic masculinity. How? Check his Instagram handle to find out. Or you can read on… Sneak […]

  August 26, 2021

How To Stand Out As A Fashion Blogger

Do you love fashion and styling trends? Are you interested in sharing your outfit tips with the world? Fashion blogging, in the beginning, may seem a little intimidating since so many creators of this category are already ruling the social media world right now. Well here we are sharing some advice on how you can […]


  August 24, 2021

How To Make Money As A Content Creator Besides Sponsored Posts?

For a newbie creator, there is just one way to make money through social media – brand collaborations. And that is true up to a point.  You post a Reel, a Story, a tweet, or even a static image or two showcasing a brand, and in return, you get compensated. This is the most basic […]

  August 24, 2021

What Do Brands Look For In Your Insta Feed

Influencer marketing is one of the many industries that have been impacted by the Pandemic in that the already extremely volatile market has seen the addition of numerous new creators willing to unleash their creative potential for display for an ever-increasing audience. These budding talents come from all walks of life and make age seem […]


  August 23, 2021

Why am I not growing on Instagram?

Have we or have we screamed this question in anger? Or maybe sighed in frustration? There is no not.  For every creator, there comes a point when Instagram followers stop growing. There are dozens of reasons for it.  You’re not using hashtags right. Your captions are half-a$$ed. You might be shadowbanned. You don’t know your voice and tone. Your […]

  August 21, 2021

Why You Don’t Need To Pitch To Brands Anymore!

Content creation for social media is a full-time job! It isn’t a child’s play anymore. And pitching to brands is the toughest part of this job. This is where DYT comes into the picture. It simplifies the whole back and forth process of contacting brands, negotiating price, getting approval and whatnot by acting as a […]


  August 21, 2021

5 Tools You Need To Up Your Creator Game

Every creator needs certain apps and tools that help them with making their content unique. With an overwhelming array of options on apps stores that allows you to do incredible things with your Instagram photos, it can get confusing on which can be the best choice for you. Don’t worry we got your back with […]


  August 20, 2021

Influencers and Photography: A never-ending love story

Is your feed looking a bit dull? Are you out of content to post? It’s time to create a red carpet moment! In our homes or neighbourhood, by ourselves… *cue sound of birds chirping.* But it’s still a red carpet moment; after all, we are the stars of our worlds.   So let’s pack the cameras. […]


  August 20, 2021

Why Brands Should Use a Platform for Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Anecdotally, we know influencer marketing campaigns are effective. Each one of us has searched for or bought a brand, product or service because a content creator recommended it. It’s finding statistical proof that explicitly establishes ROI that’s hard. 84%  of marketers say it is an uphill challenge. And therein, lies the dilemma of collaborating with […]

  August 20, 2021

A Creator’s Guide To Instagram’s Paid Partnerships

“With my mind on my money And my money on my mind.” Snoop Dogg was definitely on to something with those lines.   Because you dear influencers are close to hitting the jackpot. Influencer marketing is here to stay. Everyone likes to have a big sister or brother to take advice. Or love to hate […]


  August 19, 2021

5 Examples of UGC You Can Get Inspired From

What Is UGC and Why Is It Important Any content like texts, videos, photographs, reviews, and so on—created by consumers rather than brands is known as user-generated content (UGC). Brands will then usually share user-generated content (UGC) on their own social media platforms, websites, and other marketing channels. It has been found that user generated […]


  August 19, 2021

Is It a Good Content Idea? Ask Yourself 3 Questions.

Does this happen to you too? A particular idea that seemed bang-on, on-point and 💯  when brainstorming just fizzles into obscurity when you actually publish it. There is a reason for it.  Good content ideas are easy to come by. It is ideas that perform well, bring in engagement and enrichment that are hard to […]

  August 17, 2021

3 Reasons Why You Should Find Your Niche as a Creator

A niche can be explained as a  specific area on which you focus. As a content creator, excelling in one particular niche is required in order to stand out from the crowd and also help you thrive on social media platforms. Your niche can be anything from beauty to travel to tech and more. The […]


  August 14, 2021

Food Bloggers! Here’s how you can stand apart!

Food is a love language! Writing about food and clicking its picture is a foodie’s dream come true. However, creating lucrative content around it to attract and engage followers may get difficult sometimes. Also recently there’s been a spike in the number of food bloggers. Thus your style should speak for the classic taste and […]


  August 14, 2021